The Light Teaches Us Wisdom

Laitman_102The Zohar, Chapter “Shemot (Exodus),” Item 177: The Ruach clothes a man’s Guf in this world, sunken inwards like the sunken letters in a seal, since it is the interior of the Guf, which protrudes outwardly, as it is considered externality. This is why there is only light of VAK in it. The Ruach, the interior of the body, is sunken. When the Ruach spreads from the Guf and rises to the Garden of Eden on the earth, that Ruach is protruding… The Ruachs that rise there have the same form as the Guf in this world, which protrudes.

It’s similar to dough being squeezed through a form. If the form is in the shape of a star, the dough comes out in the shape of a star; if it’s round, the dough comes out round. In other words, the Light that was present within the desire (Kli) gets accepted by it within the Reflected Light (like a spiritual vessel) and that is why the Light becomes revealed. It gets the shape that the “body” (desire) had. Even after the Light leaves the desire, it still retains a “recollection” (Reshimo) about the shape of the desire in which it used to be dressed.

It’s a special Light. It’s not the abstract, simple Light that’s never been accepted by the body. The body has already received this Light and corrected itself in its form. It completed a certain type of correction. Now, the Light that previously “visited” the body and the body itself oppose each other. The body continues to correct itself on a new level and in more advanced ways, but the prior form doesn’t disappear.

Previous forms help us further correct ourselves since the Light that visited the body dresses in the same body and helps it attain higher states. This is the same as our prior life experience helping us make future decisions even though our next steps may be of a totally different nature.

The same pertains to the Light (spiritual wisdom) that used to be dressed into our body and helps us pursue our Path further. Each state remains intact, “nothing disappears in spirituality.” Each prior level leaves a “form” that helps us attain new states. Comparison, clarification, and connection of these forms lead to wisdom which is the science of Kabbalah.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/15/10, The Zohar

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