The Choice Of The Environment Determines Our Future

Laitman_524_03The environment and the teacher are the only factors that define the future of a person. At every given moment, a person should evaluate the state he is in as if he already has everything he needs and his only responsibility is to connect with the right environment. Such an environment is always nearby and available; our task is to make the right choice. This is the only freedom of choice we possess. The rest is consequential and results from the choices we make.

Hence we shouldn’t worry about anything except for where we receive “nourishment” from, who we connect with, and who influences us. In other words, we have to think not about ourselves but, rather, what environment we’re connected to. If a person wants to control his growth, life, and destiny, he has to think only of who he’s in touch with.

However, these thoughts aren’t natural for us. We constantly think of ourselves, "Who am I, why, and what will happen to me? What is the reason for my life?" We direct those questions within and all of them are correct. Yet how are we supposed to answer them? What do we connect their solution with?

Kabbalists explain that the solution depends solely on the environment. That’s why we have to turn our attention to external forces that control us since it’s their influence that defines our future.

In fact, they’re not “external” but, rather, comprise a unified system of souls, an integral part of our spiritual body. This is where the breaking of the vessels occurred and what needs to be corrected. It’s the only place where we can make changes since we are unable to alter our other desires. It’s similar to digging into an archive and reading a record of events that are already predetermined. We can only influence our environment in some way. It’s a pity to waste our attention on anything else except this.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/10, Article “The Freedom”

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