The Black Hole Of Egoism


Some stars are so condensed that light cannot escape from their field. We also are inside our egoism as in a black hole, and cannot break out of it, neither in our feeling nor perception.

My feeling that I am contracted and enclosed within myself and sense all of reality only within me, that is, my feeling that I don’t sense the Creator and external world yet I need Him desperately, is a necessary preparation (Kli) for revealing the spirituality. This happens on every state and in every degree.

First, I have to reveal what I’m lacking, that is, I start with revealing negativity. I gradually raise within myself the sensation of deficiency and desire for the next degree. Initially, I simply think that I could get something from it for my current degree. Then I begin to think that the next degree is itself superior. This degree becomes so important to me that I am willing to forget about benefits that I can get for my current degree and I become disinterested in it.

I want to be at and inside the next degree so I completely reject my current degree and all its profits. I am prepared to trade anything to get to the Upper degree. This is how I shift my values from the lower to the Upper World, and if I really want it, I then ascend and enter it.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/31/10, Baal HaSulam, Letter 13, 1925, pg. 25

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  1. So every time the “black hole” manifests itself within, is it then that we once again realize “There’s None Else Besides Him?”

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