Following The Creator’s Example

Dr. Michael Laitman At every given instant we are sent different states (desires and thoughts) from Above. At all times, we need to search for ways to maintain ourselves in harmony with nature, in revelation with the Creator, to reveal the quality of bestowal in us. In this manner, we begin to cultivate ourselves.

This is exactly how children grow in our world. A child constantly looks for ways to learn about the world. A child looks for qualities and connections, how he can relate to the world, and how he can take part in it.

We need to do the same thing with the desires and thoughts inside us. We need to understand what kind of forces influence us, how to react to them properly, and how to reveal their Source. The Source is revealed in the aspiration to identify it in everything in the world, as “There is none else beside Him” and He is good that does good.

Like in our world where a child cannot grow up if he does not follow a grown-up’s example, we too cannot grow up in the spiritual world unless we find our Teacher, the Creator. This search continues at every instant, as we learn the force of bestowal from Him.

We try to set an example for our children so that they will copy us; the Creator acts the same way in regard to us (within us) in the spiritual world. He shows us examples of how to reach bestowal, Lishma, from egoism, Lo Lishma. Therefore, we need to examine His examples and become similar to them in order to raise ourselves through faith above reason every time.

We need to acquire a new, higher mind, a new quality of bestowal in order to be able to understand Him. Then we will see that in every moment, we are being taught how to bestow. In other words, I am receiving examples from Him of how I need to correct myself, and through them, is how I ascend from one degree to the next.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/10, Shamati 22

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Shamati #1: “There is None Else Beside Him”

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