Everything Is Relative, Even Exile And Redemption

Exile and redemption are relative things, depending on where one fell from and where to. I can feel that I am in exile, detached from spirituality, only if I feel the spiritual world and feel the fact that I am disconnected from it. However, if I don’t feel what it is I am disconnected from, then this cannot be called exile, for what am I exiled from?

With respect to spirituality, the Babylonian exile was higher than the state of the exodus from Egypt. Yet it is called an exile, for it caused tremendous suffering.

When is it that I regret having fallen from the spiritual degree? Precisely when I exist in spirituality, for how else can I appraise it? When do I regret having descended from the state where there was love, bestowal, the correct connection, and similarity to the Creator in my love of others? When can I say that I have fallen into exile? It is when I already possess all those qualities and see that they are not enough, not satisfactory.

The sensation of exile is a very exalted state since it is when I suffer from lacking the qualities of bestowal and love of others.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/11/10, The Zohar

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