Do Not Corrupt Perfection

Laitman_721_02A question I received: Why is work forbidden on the Sabbath?

My Answer: If a person prepares himself by working the six weekdays, he reaches the understanding that the Sabbath is a state of perfection, and there is no need to interfere with it. If he hasn’t prepared himself properly during the week, he doesn’t see perfection in the Sabbath, and thereby corrupts it. He doesn’t realize he is spoiling the Sabbath, thinking mistakenly that he is adding to perfection by correcting his life and state.

On the contrary, after proper preparation and correction during the weekdays, a person suddenly sees that everything was perfect from the beginning. He only corrected himself in order to see this perfection. He did nothing but correct his own vision or perception, and in so doing, revealed the perfection of an additional part of creation or Infinity.

Then it is obvious that there is no need to do any further work now; there is nothing to interfere with. Therefore, a person works on every level, corrects himself, reveals a part of Infinity, and sees it as perfect. Then he works again, reveals another part of Infinity, and again he sees it as perfect. This is why on the Sabbaath he is called righteous.

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/10, Beit Shaar HaKavanot

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