Casimir Effect Or Step Into The Higher Dimension

Laitman_911A question I received: If the direction toward the Light is positive and the direction toward spiritual darkness is negative and we have to work from within this minus to get to the plus, then where is spiritual zero? What is this state?

My Answer: There is no zero in the spiritual world; we can’t imagine it. However, there’s a state called Klipat Noga (Shining) where I’m unable to decide whether to turn to one side or the other, which is to say, for my own sake or for the sake of bestowal. This intermediate non-equilibrium state is called zero.

I’m between two natural forces. There’s no third force, which is why this state is unstable. It requires me to immediately make a choice. The zero state exists only in my personal perception and only for the moment when I must decide what to do. I have to feel that this zero state is an abyss because I have neither state.

This is a very good state because, when I feel absolute zero, I have nothing to cling on to. At all other times, I’m either in bestowal (holiness) and have nothing to worry about, or in egoistic desires (Klipa or shell) feeling that I’m Pharaoh’s accomplice. In this state, I enjoy neither spiritual nor material life.

However, a person that’s reached Klipat Noga feels that he has no grounds to make a choice; he has neither plus nor minus. Suddenly, I’m at a crossroads and have nowhere to go. It’s a completely indeterminate state. I thought it was a narrow chink right in the middle in front of me when suddenly it sweeps open and I see an abyss before me.

Right here is the exit into the higher dimension. If I grasp onto the Creator and decide that I have no choice, then I have to ascend to the level of the higher energy. It’s as if we enter a spiritual vacuum and reveal the Creator in it. The moment you’re ready to step into it, He comes out to you.

In quantum physics, a similar phenomenon is called the Casimir effect: a force from nothing. If two uncharged conductors are placed a few micrometers apart in a vacuum, then the energy from the vacuum will start flowing into them and create a force of attraction. Try conducting this physics experiment and you’ll get visual proof that the Creator exists.

From the Evening Zohar Lesson 4/22/10

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