Building The Third Temple

Laitman_142A question I received: Why was it necessary to go through the destruction of two Temples in order to come to the process of correction?

My Answer: The corrected spiritual vessel must “receive for the sake of bestowal.” However, it is first necessary to correct the intention, to bestow, and then “receive for the sake of bestowal.” That’s why the destruction of the perfect state of “the World of Infinity” that originated from the Creator occurred ireceiving for the sake of bestowal,n two stages: from “receiving for the sake of bestowal,” to “bestowal for the sake of bestowal.”

The destruction of the First Temple led to the loss of the Light of Haya. Then from the state of “bestowal for the sake of bestowal” it transitioned to the level of “receiving for one’s own sake” (impure desires, Klipot), meaning the destruction of the Second Temple, which resulted in loss of the Light of Neshama. This is how we transpired in this world. Resurrection of the Temple gives us an opportunity for spiritual work. Since we do it on our own, we in fact reveal ourselves in the perfect Light of Yechida.

The same process applies to the construction of the earthly physical Temple. As with the prior Temples, first we must attain these spiritual stages within ourselves, and then begin to build the “external” Temple.

The question remains as to whether we must build the Temple in the realms of this material world. As it is said, as soon as our world attains the ultimate complete correction, then this imaginary world (Olam ha Medume) disappears from our imagination, and we begin to perceive only the spiritual world within our corrected properties.

Nevertheless, even if the Third Temple is to be constructed of stone it would be erected only after we build it in our heart, as it was with the First and the Second Temples. Therefore, we must focus all our attention only on the correction of our heart.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/15/10, The Zohar

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