Beautiful Moment, Do Not Pass Away!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator’s goal is to elevate us to His level. The desire to receive pleasure that was made by the Creator is a channel through which we sense our life. This is the only property that exists outside of Him.

For this reason we always experience a shortage of fulfillment. We constantly feel as if something is missing and we continually aspire to a new fulfillment. When the Light fills the desire to receive pleasure, it disappears immediately. The Light cancels the desire and thus the desire no longer feels fulfillment.

That’s why the life that we sense through the desire to receive pleasure seems temporary and transient. Each passing moment erases itself instead of staying and supplementing the following moment.

When the desire and the pleasure meet, they neutralize each other even if the pleasure is minimal. Our life is built of digital contacts and minimal meetings between the desire (Kli) and the Light that immediately disappears; this process happens throughout our whole life and ends with our death.

Let’s say, one has a certain number of desires (a “quota” for life) consisting of several million small portions of the desire to receive pleasure that reveal themselves one after another. Against each of them there is the Light that fills them. The moment they meet together, they disappear. When we utilize all the desires in our “life allowance quota,” our life ends.

If we manage to arrange for the Light and the desire to “catch” each other at the time of their “meeting” and make them “stay” together, we start sensing the Light caught in the desire as our eternal infinite life. The moment stops sliding away; it stays and elevates us above time. We stop the moment and by doing so manage to attain eternal existence!

This is “the patent” of spiritual eternity and perfection that we attain with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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