A Leap From The Roof With The Creator’s Parachute

Laitman_704Advancing toward spirituality occurs only by disproving everything that is corporeal, egoistically reasonable and pleasant – by pushing it away. “Spiritual opinion is opposite to the opinion of an average man,” it is opposite to your current state in the feelings and the logic.

Ascending to the next spiritual degree is like jumping into a chasm while relying completely on the Creator. However, this is not fanaticism; it is acquiring the quality of “faith above reason.” “Jumping off a roof” means that I elevate bestowal above reception. How much am I able to give without leaving anything except what is necessary for myself? If in spite of my desires, my concern for myself, I am able to rise above this in the intention for bestowal, in unification with the group and the world, this means that I am trying to be “above reason.”

By reason we mean desires and thoughts that are roused in me every second by my egoistic qualities. Therefore, I need to try to constantly direct myself to bestowal and unification with the group. After all, only by uniting with each other do we achieve a common field of our mutual bestowal, forming our common desire to bestow, where the Creator is revealed.

We create a field of the Light of Hassadim, the force of a mutual guarantee between us, and in this field, the revelation of the Light of Hochma occurs.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah lesson 4/20/10, The Zohar

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