To The Merging Of The Higher Jerusalem With The Lower

417Question: Why specifically in Jerusalem today do we observe such a big divide between people?

Answer: The fact is that Jerusalem is at the closest point to the spiritual. But since today we are the opposite of the spiritual, this closeness is to our detriment.

Earlier when people who lived in Jerusalem were in the likeness of the Creator, this center flourished. It was close to the spiritual strength that held it and they coexisted together.

And when the earthly Jerusalem (the lower center) and the spiritual Jerusalem are opposite to each other, then this opposition manifests itself in a disgusting, bad form. Therefore Baal HaSulam writes that Jerusalem, which was once the center of holiness, became the center of all impurity. This is what we are currently seeing.

We need to understand that we are in exile from the spiritual and must return to our real state. Physical exile has already ended, but spiritual exile depends only on us.

We ourselves must rise to the spiritual level, and then we will find ourselves perfect, united with each other and with the whole world. Then the higher Jerusalem will merge with the lower Jerusalem, and all the higher powers will manifest themselves at the level of our world, our Earth.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Return” 19/2/10

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