Then We Will Not Need Judges

507.03Comment: Three people convicted of the same crime can receive completely different punishments. The first one might be given a suspended sentence; the second, two years in jail; and the third imprisoned for ten years. This is today’s reality.

A study was conducted that found that judges are more likely to give a suspended sentence in the morning or after a lunch break. Hungry judges are more severe. In England, when a local football [soccer in the US] team loses on Sunday, referees give tougher sentences on Monday.

In France, an analysis of six million sentences revealed that defendants were treated more leniently on judges’ birthdays. Even the weather influences a judge’s decision. As a result of a review of two hundred thousand immigration court decisions, it was found that on hot days the likelihood of obtaining political asylum is lower.

Who judges us?!

My Response: Who are the judges? Are they not humans? Of course they are. If the judge’s wife yelled at him in the morning, or his car was cut off on the highway, or something else happened, then naturally everything works differently inside him because he is human after all.

According to Kabbalah, according to the Torah, a judge is the highest category of human development. Therefore a judge can be a person who has completely risen above all his properties and feeling who can absolutely objectively understand and feel the other and judge him.

To judge means to weigh what in the things that happened to a person came to him from the Creator, and what, perhaps, from the person himself? And in fact, what is there from a person in general, then?

Otherwise how can you judge a person, take his life, throw it on the scales, and say…? You know, it is as if they throw a piece of meat on the scales in a store and say: 10 years, 15 years, and so on.

And the person goes to a place from which there may be no way out. And what happens to him there and what they do with him is totally incomprehensible.

Question: You spoke about a judge’s high standard. Do today’s judges feel responsible to some extent for passing such sentences?

Answer: They will have to face the consequences. There is also a problem in this, to what extent do they understand or not understand what they are doing and so on?

Question: That is, in any case, only the one who has risen above absolutely all calculations can become a judge, and it is impossible today, right?

Answer: Today it is completely impossible! There was a period when we lived as an ancient people in the age of Judges. But those were glorious people!

A person who appeared before the judge did not even have a thought that the judge could pass a sentence on that day that would be different from the previous day, and that I would want to go to this judge, and not that one. How could that be?! Such incomprehensible things happen in our world, and we agree to this.

It is the struggle for power among them, for jobs, and for positions.

Question: What do you think is the solution today? To replace a judge with a machine in which laws are embedded?

Answer: Yes. If we replaced it all with a machine, it would be much more objective.

Question: Will we ever reach the state of real judges?

Answer: I think that we will already get corrected along such a path that we will begin to move away from this meanness in which we exist, and therefore we will no longer need judges. We will be the ones to judge ourselves. Let us help each other. In general, let us rise up from below.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/29/21

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