“Clean Energy Requires Clean Intentions” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Clean Energy Requires Clean Intentions

The gold standard for clean energy is to be “carbon-neutral.” If production of energy does not emit more carbon than it absorbs, that process is regarded as clean energy. Recently, researchers at Technion Institute of Technology have even surpassed the gold standard. They managed to generate electricity from algae with “currents that are on the level of those obtained from standard solar cells.” Better yet, in the process, the algae emitted oxygen and absorbed carbon. This “carbon-negative” process both generates energy and cleans the air.

Regrettably, humanity will not enjoy the fruits of this stunning discovery. Human nature will ensure that only those who “own” the patent will benefit. The rest of us will pay for it, if we can afford to, and the environment will be abused in yet another nasty way.

Nature has abundance. With the right approach, we could provide ourselves with all the energy, food, and everything else we need with very little effort. We could really live in Heaven on Earth if we would only change our attitude.

In our present attitude, we constantly try to gain as much as we can, much more than we need, so that others will not have. By doing so, we condemn ourselves to a constant war with every person, with all of humanity, and with all of nature. In other words, our self-centered, malevolent attitude toward others sentences us to an eternal war from the day we are born to the day we die — drained and defeated.

Nature gives all creations precisely what they need. It has also installed in them the instinct to use only what they need in order to satisfy their needs and not beyond. But nature has created humans different: Greedy, abusive, and domineering.

There is a good reason for the “flaws” that nature has built into us: If we make a conscious effort to transform ourselves and become like the rest of nature, we will understand and feel nature on a deeper level than any other being can.

Just as nature gives everyone exactly what they need, we, too, must learn to see that everyone has what they need, including ourselves, and that no one abuses or exploits others. If we adopt this approach, we will discover countless ways to improve our lives. We will have all the energy we need and more, all the food, water, housing, education, recreation, and everything we want, and in abundance. As long as we do not try to deny others what they need or harm them in some other way for our own pleasure, our lives will be flawless.

Using the considerate approach, there will be no wars, no shortages of anything, and no pollution. With all of Earth’s systems in balance, it will finally become the heaven it was meant to be, when the only noxious element upon it has been reformed.

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