We Are Existence From Absence

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator is a singular quality of bestowal and absolute good. The creature, however, is created by the Creator as a desire to receive pleasure, which makes it opposite to Him. Hence, in order to become similar to the Creator, the creature has to undergo numerous contradictory states. The creature could simply replace the desire to receive with the desire to bestow and merge with the Creator. But to avoid this and remain independent yet similar to the Creator, the creature incorporates two elements within itself: the will to enjoy and the sensation of the Giver.

Our sensation of the world and existence is comprised of these two opposites: Yesh (existence) and Mi Ain (from absence). Only then is the creature able to feel that it exists. We can’t exist in either Yesh (the reality of the Creator) or in Ain (the reality of the creature), and therefore, we undergo gradual transformations in order for the Light (Yesh) that created us from absence (Mi Ain) to mold the desire (Ain) into the form of Yesh (the form of the Creator).

This Light leads me along the chain of cause and effect, where each previous effect becomes the cause of the following state. This goes on until I begin to sense His relationship with me, an outside force that created and is guiding me. Beside the sensation of being filled “within reason,” there is another force of the Creator that educates me by setting a model and a goal to follow. This is where I must act by using “faith.”

In my present state, I exist in my animate form and act according to what I have. At the same time, however, I am aware of my higher state, a degree that I haven’t yet achieved. I take the existence of a higher degree on “faith” because it is opposite to my present state of being. The nature of spiritual degrees is such that each higher degree is opposite to the lower one since it contains a greater degree of bestowal than the one below it.

In order to attain a higher spiritual degree, I must accept its condition of “bestowal despite my egoism” or “faith above reason.” If I don’t, I will forever remain at the present, animate degree. This means that I will continue to receive in the “old” will to receive pleasure and will not climb the spiritual ladder to bestowal. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare ourselves so that we willingly accept a higher spiritual degree and not push it away.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/2/10, Article, “The Matter of Truth and Faith”

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  1. What does means: “will forever remain at the present, animate degree”? Can someone be prisoner forever in this state of receiver?

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