There Is A Deposit In Your Name Waiting For You

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator created just one state: a desire full of Light called the World of Infinity. We are in Infinity, but do not feel our true state. This is because our desires were deliberately corrupted and now we feel this defect in us. In other words, we feel a corrupted World of Infinity whose entire huge desire has divided into an infinite number of parts and every part has divided into 613 more desires. The defect is that the intention to give has been replaced by an egoistic intention for one’s own sake, to fulfill and take care of oneself instead of uniting.

To correct these 613 particular desires means “to hear His instructions” and all “613 recommendations” on how to attain the corrected state. When we attain correction by replacing our current egoistic intention with the giving one, we will reveal the Light that fulfills our corrected desire in the World of Infinity. It’s as if we return to Infinity, come to consciousness again, and receive all the Light that fulfills our corrected desires where it has always been present as a hidden and secret deposit.

We come back to the good state in which we have always been, but did not notice the pleasure that had fulfilled us because it was the pleasure of giving. However, we were aimed at and tuned in to the wavelength of receiving. Because of this, we felt just a tiny, life-supporting force that was given to us to come back to the corrected state, instead of the entire huge pleasure.

Thus, we carry out the 613 recommendations to correct our 613 desires, receive the 613 Lights in them, and attain the End of Correction by this. However, this final state already exists and waits for us to feel it in our intentions of bestowal. This is why these 613 commandments are called “Pkudin” (from the word “Pikadon” which means deposit). It is the deposit that was deposited to our account by the Creator from the very beginning and awaits our correction.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/12/10

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  1. What are the specific 613 desires? Can these be listed?

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