The Zohar: The Illumination Of The Upper Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Zohar is the main book in the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is written that there is no book more magical, secret, concealed, magnetic, or incomprehensible than The Zohar. This is truly so.

The Book of Zohar is revealed in two stages. First of all, I need to form the right outlook on the book, meaning to correct myself, the reader. In order to read The Zohar, instead of regular “glasses,” I need completely different ones which allow me to recognize the spiritual phenomena within this book. Therefore I must first acquire spiritual organs of perception (Kelim). Then the book will be revealed to me and it will truly be the “Zohar” (Illumination) which the authors of this book revealed and described 18 centuries ago.

Kabbalists attain the Upper Light that created a desire to enjoy and that gave it the force “to receive” (pleasure). Then the Light gave it the intention to act “for the sake of bestowal,” and afterward “broke” this desire, turning it into an egoistic intention. In this manner the desire to enjoy became a desire to receive for its own sake. And now from our world, we gradually correct this desire to enjoy so that it becomes a desire to bestow, and thereby reach correction.

All these phenomena (the descent from Above downward, meaning the corruption of the desire and the intention, and their subsequent correction) are carried out by the Light since there is none else besides Him. All the changes, everything that happens within the desire to enjoy, are done by the Light. There is no one else who performs any action. And all the actions of the Light are above matter, which is the desire to enjoy. Prior to the Light’s influence on it, the desire to enjoy is merely formless matter. The Light decides what to turn it into and what form to give it, as it is written, “The Light moves the desires.”

Therefore, if we wish to change, we need to draw the Upper Light onto ourselves. This is why we read The Book of Zohar with one intention: for the Light to come since it is the force that will change me. By reading The Book of Zohar I demand my correction. This is the right attitude toward the Book.

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/30/10, The Zohar

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  1. We are told that we should study the Zohar with the group. Do I derive any benefit from reading the Zohar when I am alone?

  2. Sir,

    Scanning does not give any measure of understanding of a written material but some Kabbalists are advising people to buy hebrew/aramaic Zohar volume set for the purposes of scanning since the people cannot read hebrew/aramaic language.

    What is the purpose of scanning The Zohar?

    Thank you.

    Mr. Peter M. Igwe

  3. Will the book of Zohar be translate to Portuguese? When? Whatever book of zoar is usefill? The book of Zoar of Rav Bension is good version?
    Tank you for your answer.

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