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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In work with three lines, the left line looks big, heavy, and thick since it embraces our entire evil inclination. In contrast, the right line looks very light and works only as a “spice.” Is this only my personal sensation?

Answer: Of course, a person sees himself as an important “substance” that “owns” the whole material world with all of its egoism. This is an extremely heavy weight. On the other side, there is spirituality, some lightweight, insubstantial “spirit” (Ruach). One wonders: “What power can it have if it is totally elusive?”

Quantum physics investigates elementary particles that cannot even be “caught,” but rather detected only by the deflection of a needle. We know from this world that the more invisible a force is, the more powerful it is. Likewise, spiritual reality defines and retains everything in its “network” by applying its power. Everything that happens originates from the inner forces; their actions materialize and thereby enable us to see elementary particles as well as our entire Universe. Spiritual energy gives birth to the whole material world.

Hence, it is unfeasible even to compare the powers of Light and matter. The Light has created only one black point, “Yesh Mi Ain” (existence from absence). This point never changes, it always remains a point. Within this point a process of apprehension begins: “I am black. I am different from the Light. How different am I? Can the difference be that big?” Afterward, this enormous divergence that, in fact, is represented by just one black point widens to the extent of the realization of its evil nature, thus creating all the worlds. This one point is the essence of everything there is; all of its power comes from the Light.

Due to the presence of the Light and its small desire, this point is able to produce the Returning Light. It is similar to an amplifier that produces a weak signal at the entrance, but by applying an outside power to enhance the weak initial signal, it  intensifies it and thereby turns it into an extremely powerful signal at the exit. That is how you use “outside” energy of the Light, apply it to your tiny desire towards spirituality, and thus make huge changes.

By using your desire to produce the Returning Light and give bestowal back to the Creator, you engage the whole power of the Light, the strength of the Creator, and apply it to a small desire of yours. That is when a huge Reflected Light emerges and equals itself in strength with the Direct Light, the Creator’s influence.

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/30/10, The Zohar

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