Prepare A Place For The Light To Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is written that a person who studies Kabbalah must free up a place in his heart. What is this referring to, a method of inner work?

Answer: While studying The Zohar we must be concerned with freeing up a place in our heart where the Light that Reforms will begin to work. I have to prepare the material on which the Light will do its work. What inside me is bad right now and needs to be returned to the source, to goodness?

I have to prepare an empty place for the Light, the area of the breaking, evil, so the Light will turn all of this to goodness. Therefore, I must first discern: Where is this area of evil inside me and what does it mean? And what does it mean that it will be turned to goodness? This state has to correspond to the action of the Light since otherwise the Light will not do it.

If my desires, intentions, and expectations do not correspond to what the Light does, then it will not influence me. It will only influence me in response to my true desire, the correct plea. Therefore, I have to feel in what regard I am bad (in my opinion) and change my notion of evil in order to make it the same as the Creator’s (the Light’s) notion of it. To the Creator, evil is an egoistic action where you think at the expense of your neighbor and hate others. You have to desire for the Light to correct you and make you bestow, feel love for your neighbor, and a connection with others.

If I define my current state as bad and discern which state I consider good, and the transition from one to the other precisely corresponds to whatever the Light has to do, then the Light will do it. However, if I still don’t have a very good understanding of what is evil and what is good, and what kind of change the Light has to perform in me, then it won’t do anything!

I have to obligate the Light to do this! I have to desire this transition so much that I will enact the verse, “My sons have defeated me!” I have to force Him to correct me. I have to tell Him, “You have to do this! You promised it to me!” My desire must hit the target exactly.

This is the clarification we must be making during the study and before it, during the preparation. Then the correction will happen very quickly.

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/3/10, The Zohar

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