Kabbalists On The Essence Of The Science Of Kabbalah, Part 14

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about passages from the great Kabbalists. I promise to answer them. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy

Sages of Kabbalah observe philosophic theology and complain that they have stolen the upper shell [external general concepts] of their wisdom, which Plato and his Greek predecessors had acquired [adopted and modified through human egoistic intellect] while [superficially, without delving into the essence] studying with the disciples of the prophets in Israel.

They have stolen basic elements from the wisdom of Israel [as later on other religions have stolen major principles of Kabbalah] and wore a cloak that is not their own [religions dressed their commandments and properties into external prayers, customs, and traditions.]. To this day, philosophic theology sits on the throne of Kabbalah, being hair under her mistress [authentic universal wisdom].…

Kabbalah cannot prove its [superior] nature and truthfulness, and no revelations will suffice for the world to know it before the futility and falsehood of theological philosophy that has taken its throne becomes apparent [to the world]. [Because it is only through clarification of delusions of philosophical theology which are opposite to Kabbalah that humanity will get a chance to attain the essence of Kabbalah].

Therefore, there was no such salvation for Israel [meaning those who aspire to the Creator, Israel = “Isra-El” – straight to the Creator], as when the materialistic psychology [based solely on experience and scientific realistic research rather than conjectures] appeared and struck [with its sensible clarifications and facts] theological philosophy on its [invalid and imaginary] head a lethal blow.
-Baal HaSulam, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy

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