Kabbalists on Kabbalists, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about passages from the great Kabbalists. I promise to answer them. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

Who Is a Kabbalist?

The wisdom of truth is conditioned
[in order to understand it] by all the teachings [therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah becomes revealed only after humanity reveals all the teachings of our world in general and attests to their limitation], and all the teachings are conditioned by it [humanity will learn the origins of all teachings precisely from discovering and mastering Kabbalah]. This is why we do not find a single genuine Kabbalist without comprehensive knowledge in all the teachings of the world [not because they studied them but] since they acquire them from the wisdom of truth itself, as they are included in it.
– Baal HaSulam, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence

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