Kabbalah Reveals Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can you explain what is Kabbalah in the simplest terms?

Answer: The science of Kabbalah is a science about everything. It answers all the essential questions:

– What is a human being?

– How were we created?

– How do we perceive the reality we live in?

– What is the purpose of our existence?

– How do we evolve, moving from one state of existence to another?

– How can we achieve perfection?

– How can we remove the borders of the visible reality and see what is beyond it?

– What awaits us after the death of the body?

– How do we control our destiny while we live and after we die?

This science talks about all the creatures and the Creator (the Upper Force that created them) and it also reveals how all creation is governed. The method of Kabbalah includes everything that exists, leaving nothing out of its scope.

Kabbalah reveals the Creator to man. It includes everything: time, space, events, and the force that governs them. Since all of this was created by the Creator, it is He whom Kabbalah reveals. Therefore, knowing the Creator and everything that exists is the same as learning the method of Kabbalah.

Thus, if we attain the wisdom of Kabbalah, we will know the entire universe. As a result, we will understand this world with all of its sciences and laws and we will gain control over everything that happens in it.

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  1. gain control? I thought no coercion…

  2. thanks God that we cannot gain control now, without correction

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