“Film Developer”- Made Of The Light Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanAny spiritual occurrence in us requires time and development since our egoism is constantly growing in magnitude and quality. Hence, we should think and talk about the emptiness we felt after the recent Mega-Congress.

It is essential to understand why this feeling was given to us! We don’t need to sit and dread our empty existence and lack of strength and desire. This state wasn’t given to us in vain. It is a revelation of new, empty space in us where we have to build the property of Bina. It is a new quality being revealed in us, emerging as a new stage in the four stages of Direct Light.

Spiritual bestowal that used to exist between us has now gone and triggered a new spiritual state. Now we have to discern: What is this new space that emerged within us? We must not let it dissipate; we ought to keep it and start working with it! There isn’t a way to attain bestowal other than to base it on the newly born, empty desire.

An empty space revealed within us and between us is the place where the Creator is revealed (under Zeir Anpin). Now we can fill this space with our intention for bestowal (Hassadim, the property of Bina) and find Him there!

If we fill this empty space with the Light of Hassadim, the Creator will reveal Himself in it like in a photograph dipped into a tub filled with film developer. He is there, in this space; we just need to find Him. If we keep striving to feel Him all together, then we will eventually uncover him. However, we cannot do anything alone. The Creator doesn’t reveal Himself individually, but only through mutual efforts.

We have discovered this empty space together and it belongs to us all even though we may feel that we undergo this state individually. However, it emerged from a collective action, and now we have to work on it together as well. This is what is called “practical Kabbalah.”

These waves that wash over all of us at the same time are a sign of tremendous spiritual progress. It means that the World Kli has come to life like one body that takes collective actions. In this body, new empty spaces are revealed wherein the collective soul will emerge. The time for this is so close!

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabblah Lesson 8/17/10, “The Matter of Fear and Happiness”

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