Demand The Ability To Feel

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Besides the desire to understand The Zohar, I also really want to remember the definitions of words in order to connect them to each other. What should I do if I constantly forget?

Answer: You need to demand to feel! It is very good that you forget. Kabbalists prayed to forget everything they learned every minute. There is always a break between the degrees when everything you attained on the previous degree is forgotten and erased from your sensations and memory.

We attain in sensations in the corrected desire. All the names and titles about which we read in The Zohar (HaVaYaH and Elokim in all the various combinations and manifestations) are revealed in the corrected desire. When they are revealed one after another in my desire, I begin to work with my feelings just like in our world.

It seems to a person that feelings are less important than the mind. However, feelings come and unite with the mind in order to help or serve it. If we learn all the parts of Study Of The Ten Sefirot, this is just to rouse us to use all this knowledge as a basis to demand feelings. After all, “learning” means “uniting,” and “knowledge” is unification or adhesion (Zivug).

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/11/10, The Zohar

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