Cutting Off The Past In Order To Enter The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of mutual spiritual work between spouses?

Answer: A spiritual connection is when a woman is like “half of a man’s body.” A man without a wife is an incomplete part of the desire. This part of the “animate” existence (as it seems to us) and the entire mutual life in a family, which seems unconnected to spirituality, are in fact very important.

It’s not time for it yet, but we will reach the state where men and women will feel a need to find out what the meaning of our lives is and what we are living for? This problem can only be solved on the condition that we are similar to nature, the Creator, and thus are obligated to unite into a couple, a family. That will be our mutual spiritual work. We will feel that we are unable to maintain a family without a spiritual connection, and we are unable to attain spirituality without creating a family!

That is why families are now in crisis or a “breaking.” It’s like the Tzimtzum (restriction). All of our previous lives, ways of thinking, approach to the family, and our entire paradigm of the past are over! They have reached “the breaking.” Our old philosophy and attitude to life, family, and society no longer work. All of this has reached the end, and that is why we are experiencing a crisis today. We are cutting off our entire previous attitude to life and are entering new interrelations.

From here on, a person will once again need a family, children, work, and society, but precisely in order to attain bestowal and revelation of the Creator instead of using them egoistically and trying to obtain a small, comfortable home in order to lead a good material life. That is why we are going through a drastic transition and will have to cut ourselves off from our entire previous life and attitude.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/10/10, A Lesson On Current Events

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