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Is It Possible To Advance Without A Group?

Question: With what should I begin the path of the soul, spiritual life? Answer: With virtual study or from ordinary study in our courses. Then as you advance in your studies, you will feel that you need a group. Question: Why are you so sure that it is impossible to advance without a group? I […]

Advancement Is Only In A Group

Question: We learn that we must advance through studying n a physical or virtual group. What can I do if I have no desire to engage with a group? Answer: I cannot imagine how it is possible otherwise. Do you want to wait for the blows of fate until you become wiser? I can say only one […]

A Group Is A Single Body

A group in itself is one single whole, and everyone gets only what exists in the whole group, nobody feels himself as a unique unit. In a group there don’t need to be any differences between men and women, veterans and newcomers, any differences of opinion, misunderstandings, or distortions. The concept of an “individual” torn […]

The Sochi Group: An Activity Or A Community Of People?

Question: Many times you have called the people who have gathered in Sochi a group even though externally this is not a group; rather, it is an activity composed of people who constantly change. How is it possible to understand better what a group is according to this example? Answer: For me, Sochi is a […]

The Group As An Envelope Of The Creator

Question: If the external world is a reflection of my inner world, is this saying that the Kabbalistic group is also a part of the reflection of the soul, of the inner state? If so, why exactly is it important to work in a group? And what is the importance of the external world in […]

Moses Is The Center Of The Group

Question: Why isn’t the connection with the friends mentioned in Rabash’s article “Come to Pharaoh?” Answer: Nowhere in the articles of Shamati, in other articles, or in the whole Torah, Talmud, the Mishna, etc. is there any explanation about how the group should operate. The only place in the Torah which speaks about that is […]

Variations On The Concept Of The Groups Of Ten

Question: Our group is composed of ten people and we consider ourselves to be a “group of ten.” Is it necessary to divide the group, do we need to change the composition of the “group of ten”? Answer: If you are simply a “group of ten” and you don’t have more people, there is no need […]

Connection Between The Groups Is The Correction Of The World

Question: Lately, we are witness to Europe and Russia beginning to connect. Also, here in the convention, we truly are feeling this. How can we connect all of our sparks together? Answer: Understandably, that would be remarkable. If this were possible, then this would be the materialization of our dream. The dream would have become […]

More About The Work In Groups Of Ten, For Women And Not Only…

Question: At present I am found in a virtual group of ten that includes women from different regions with great time differences. What should we do? Answer: A woman is exempt from all time-bound occupations! She can learn quietly and independently without any connection to other women. And when she has spare time she can […]

The Group Of Ten Is The Key To Feeling The Upper World

Question: Can a person who takes part in the work of a physical group of ten be in a virtual group of ten at the same time? Answer: Of course, if he has the time because in principle it does not matter in what kind of group of ten you are. When I sit among […]