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Maaser – The Tenth Part Of The Desires

Torah, “Leviticus” 27:31 – 27:33: And if a man redeems some of his tithe, he shall add its fifth to it. Any tithe of cattle or flock of all that pass under the rod, the tenth shall be holy to the Lord. He shall not inspect [a tithed animal] for a good or a bad […]

Spiritual Correction And Maaser

Question: In our small group there is a respectful attitude towards each other. How much should we maintain all of the conditions: paying Maaser, studying at the Education Center, and so forth? Answer: Paying Maaser does not apply to groups. If there is a solo student who is learning together with us, let’s say in […]

Maaser Is Needed For The Spiritual Correction Of Humanity

A question I received: To give a tithe or Masser, one needs to be employed or have an income. This is where the problems arise. I observe many 10 hour working days, I sleep 7 or 8 hours, and the rest of the time, 6 hours or so, I spend eating, doing chores around home, […]

We Pay Maaser When We Start To Desire Spiritual Development

Questions I received on the Maaser: Question: Is it possible to cross the Machsom without paying Maaser? My Answer: No. Question: Do we correct ourselves during the initial period of study, when we do not contribute the Maaser? My Answer: Yes, but only at your first preparatory stage. Kabbalists never accepted students who refused to […]

Maaser Is A Law Of Nature

Questions I received on Maaser: Question: Can we advance spiritually if we don’t pay a tithe (Maaser)? My Answer: No. Question cont’d: I bought the book Kabbalah for the Student and printed “The Introduction to The Book Of Zohar” from it myself. Is this considered as a tithe? My Answer: No. Question cont’d: With the […]

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How Does One Pay Maaser?

Questions I received on Maaser: Question: What should I do if I want to pay Maaser (a 10th of my salary), but my wife is against it because she doesn’t study Kabbalah? My Answer: If she did study Kabbalah, then she wouldn’t be against it. She would pay it herself and would even force you […]

The Cycle of Descents and Ascents, and the Correction of the Maaser (Advanced)

Two questions I received from women about the purpose of preparation in one’s inner work, and the need to pay Maaser: Question: I always try to be in the state of “preparation” – to hold the intention, connect to my husband who also studies Kabbalah, disseminate, and study. Still, sometimes I experience descents and lose […]

There Is No Room For Downtime Between Ascents And Descents

The ascents and descents give us a sense of life. If there were no change in life, then it would not be life but death. The pandemic has driven us into paralysis and we are forced to lead a sleepy life, locked inside our homes. Apparently, this will help us find out new forms of life, these […]

The Principle Of Tithing

Torah, Deuteronomy, 26:12 – 26:13: When you have finished tithing all the tithes of your produce in the third year, the year of the tithe, you shall give [them] to the Levite, the stranger, the orphan, and the widow, so that they can eat to satiety in your cities. Then you shall say before the […]

One Tenth Of The Income

Torah, Deuteronomy 12:17: You may not eat within your cities the tithe of your grain, or of your wine, or of your oil, or the firstborn of your cattle or of your sheep, or any of your vows that you will vow, or your donations, or the separation by your hand. Tithing (Maaser) belongs to […]