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Together We Will Open The Heavens

936The Congress is a special opportunity for connection. The Creator forces us to connect virtually, but this connection is even more powerful than at physical congresses we held in the past.

The virtual congress is stronger than the physical one and is more spiritually oriented. After all, we went to physical congresses to sing, dance, jump together, talk with friends, and feel ourselves in a huge hall surrounded by several thousand people.

But would this illusion of connection brought by a physical connection be closer to spirituality than when we sit each behind our screen and are forced to build a connection from heart to heart? After all, we have no other choice. The material world is ending, we are leaving the corporeal world, and I do not know if we will ever return to physical meetings.

The Creator takes us further because we are a new generation, the last generation, the first spiritual one, and therefore, we must rise above corporeality whether we want it or not. You can see the exercises given to us from above.

Therefore, the congress should become an opportunity for us for spiritual and not material connection as it was in previous congresses.

We need to convince each other to unite even more in a spiritual form, in inner feelings and to send  a message from our heart to the heart of a friend about our desire to unite with him. Only by connecting hearts can we restore the structure of man, Adam, the one common soul within which the eternal light will be revealed. This state will be the end of the correction (Gmar Tikkun).

Therefore, for us to be at a virtual congress means to be at a spiritual congress, an internal one. The Creator took away the opportunity to hold such physical congresses like in previous years in order to advance us. I do not regret that today we do not have the possibility of gathering in the great hall and seeing each other face to face. Faces are not important to me—hearts and desires are important. Let’s move on to more spiritual actions.

We come to the virtual congress in order to make a special attack on connection and unite into one desire called Adam, which means like the Creator.

Every day a lesson can be like a mini-congress, but it is still different from such special events that happen every few months.

We need to understand that the conditions are given to us from above, and we are obliged to accept them above reason even if we do not understand them. It is in the conditions of a virtual congress that we must make every effort to connect, as Rabash writes: so that “the outstretched land for many miles will not stand between us.”

I warn you: it is very important not to miss this chance and make an effort together. Individual efforts are not enough; we need to bring ourselves all together to a global connection and from it to one common prayer to the Creator. And then the heavens will open.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/21, “Preparing to Attack at the Congress”

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Crossing A Narrow Bridge

276.02It is written: “Know, that man must cross a very, very narrow bridge, and the rule and the most important thing is not to be afraid at all.” How can we have only faith and no fear at all?

We need to cross a narrow bridge over the abyss while holding on to each other’s hands. It turns out that everyone depends on everyone. This is how we move from the degree of Malchut to the degree of Bina.

If we want help from above from the Creator, we must turn to Him with a prayer called raising MAN—our request. The help from above is called MAD.

Each one looks at the one walking in front of him. It is such a narrow bridge that I cannot see anything except the friend walking in front of me. Therefore, we must all be connected with each other and aimed at the Creator in order to feel how He leads us all. Then, in this chain, we will move from one side of the abyss to the other, from Malchut to Bina.

Malchut is called this world, which we now feel egoistically, and Bina is called the next world, which exists according to the law of bestowal. Therefore, it is clear that the next world exists everywhere and is not revealed after a person dies. After death, there is nothing: the animalistic body dies and decomposes, nothing remains. But during this life, we have the opportunity to enter the true next world, the quality of bestowal, the quality of the Creator.

Not to be afraid at all means seeing the Creator before us who creates difficulties for us in order to teach us to walk, like parents teach a baby to take the first steps.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/23/21, “Preparing to Attack at the Congress”

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Everything Is Obtained By The Power Of Prayer

624.02All that is required of us is the desire to reach bestowal, faith above reason. Our efforts are a prayer that rises up like a baby’s cry. The mother knows how to answer it. The baby does not know what it is asking for. It just feels bad, and cries. But the mother understands what her baby needs, whether she has to give him a drink, feed him, or change his clothes.

The baby itself does not know this; he only raises a request. And we also need to make sure that we raise our request to the Creator. This request does not have to be verified.

We will never be able to determine what we are missing for the next state.

It is impossible and we cannot know what we want from the Creator. After all, this already belongs to the next degree. We just want to bestow to the Creator, and the Creator knows from this what He needs to give us so that by receiving it, we will be able to bestow to Him.

We ask the Creator to create a Kli in us for the sake of bestowal, Lishma, from which we could then turn to Him correctly. There are two actions here one after the other.

How can I be sure that if the Creator answers my prayer I will receive this answer for the sake of bestowal and not use it egoistically? The answer itself builds a Kli within us for receiving it in the correct form. The answer that comes from the Creator is wrapped from all sides in the desire to bestow; that is, we receive a ready made package with the direct light placed inside the reflected light.

All our work is to get the desire to acquire a desire, that is, to make our desire to be like the desire of the Creator.

We have no desire to bestow to the Creator, but we gradually build this desire within ourselves through our requests to Him. If the requests come from the ten as from one heart, even if it is assembled from many hearts that differ from each other, then we feel His answer more and more, each one within himself. Then we unite again for a common request to the Creator.

It is like a heartbeat: we receive – we bestow, we receive – we bestow. The ten works the way the heart works.

First of all, we need the ten for this request in order to turn to the Creator from our common desire. Otherwise, it will be a pointless fuss; without the ten, we will never be able to aim at the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/18/21, “Everything is Obtained By the Power of Prayer”

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Help Us To Become New People!

239All holidays symbolize special states in the spiritual elevation of a person. If we work as we should, then from year to year, day by day, we climb the spiritual ladder more and more until we reach complete adhesion with the Creator.

The ascent above egoism is called Passover, the exit from Egypt, and the acquiring of the force of bestowal is called the holiday of Shavuot.

Then a person judges himself and sees that he is not capable of giving, which is called the 9th of Av. And then he decides to start his whole life anew with a new relation to the Creator, which is called the New Year, Rosh HaShanah.

And the most important thing is to make a correct calculation of how to enter this new period, this new time. Many times in his life, a person wanted to change his life and, as though, start it all over again. This is a sign of the Day of Judgment, Yom Kippur, one of the days that a person must pass through to achieve equivalence with the Creator.

Yom Kippur comes from the word “atonement” (Kapara); it is when a person asks for forgiveness from the Creator. After all, he tested himself and saw that many times he had the opportunity to correct himself and achieve adhesion with the Creator, but he neglected this and could not overcome his egoism.

A month before Yom Kippur, a person begins to check himself and sees that he is in egoistic desires to get pleasure for himself and does not want to use them to correct himself and get closer to the Creator. And for this he asks for forgiveness, one realizes that at that time he did not have any strength and opportunity to overcome his pride and ask for help. After all, our entire correction consists in asking the Creator for the power of correction.

It turns out that our whole crime is that we did not ask for help, and we should ask for forgiveness for this. “I am sorry I did not ask,” which means, to ask the Creator to forgive us for not turning to Him with a request to correct us.

The Creator created egoism, but man must realize that egoism is the only evil that exists in him. Through the prism of this evil, we look at the whole world and therefore the whole world seems bad to us. And in accordance with this we relate to the Creator because this whole spoiled picture of the world allegedly comes from Him. It turns out that we blame the Creator for making us and this world so bad.

And at this moment, a person does not realize that the Creator gave him egoism and the ability to look through it at the whole world in order to ask the Creator to correct this egoism and replace the evil nature with a good one.

This is the person’s work. The only thing we need to do is to know the evil contained in us and realize that the Creator gave it intentionally so that we would turn to Him and ask Him to replace egoism and the inability to do good deeds, to correct all the evil to good.

After all, there are no good forces in us and there will not be if we do not ask for them from the Creator, and then we will be able to feel and see the whole world through a good desire. Then the world will seem like a real paradise to us.

Therefore, all our work is to reveal our evil, the reason why we see evil around and inside ourselves, and then turn to the Creator to turn this evil into good. This work is done by the Creator and therefore it is called the work of the Creator (Avodat Hashem). And the request for the Creator to do this is called the day of repentance, Yom Kippur.

It turns out that this is not a day of mourning, but a day of joy because we judge ourselves and see that in order to correct our condition, we only need to ask the Creator to turn the evil desire with which He created us into a good desire.

So, we have someone to turn to and what to ask for. And everything depends only on our request. And the whole past, when we were weak and unable to do good deeds, were confused and insignificant slaves of our nature that dominates us in everything, all was deliberately created by the Creator to show us our powerlessness and awaken in us the desire to free ourselves from our egoism and turn it into bestowal.

This is the main meaning of the Day of Judgment, Yom Kippur, when we ask the Creator to take away our evil, egoistic desire and turn it into a good, altruistic desire, into love. And then we will climb up from a deep hole to a high mountain.

Therefore Yom Kippur is the most significant day of the year when we spend all 24 hours thinking about how to ask for forgiveness for our weaknesses, all the evil that we have created in our egoism that was given by the Creator. And since we decide that this evil was created in us by the Creator, we have the opportunity to turn to Him and ask for the power of good instead of this evil. As a result of this request, we will gain more and more forces of good and will rise higher and higher until the very end of correction.

It turns out that each of us and all of us together should do this work not only once a year, on Yom Kippur, according to the calendar, but every day and as much as possible we should turn to the Creator and ask Him to turn our evil inclination into a good inclination. To the extent of our ability to turn to the Creator and demand this correction, we will be able to become like Him and achieve adhesion with Him and perfection, i.e., the end of correction.

This is what you need to think about and try to implement in the next twenty-four hours.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/15/21, “Yom Kippur – The Day of Atonement”

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Tune In To The Intention

232.1Question: During the lessons you always say, “Let’s tune in to the intention, let’s unite our desires and move forward together in one intention.” What is that about?

Answer: In connection with each other, friends can create such a quality that will reveal the Creator, and with the help of this quality, they will fight against egoism. That is what I’m talking about.

Question: Are we able to evoke this intention in ourselves?

Answer: We should try. In an ordinary corporeal person, there is no right intention nor can there be. Therefore, our task is to ask the Creator to give it to us, even without knowing what we are asking for.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/2/21

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It All Depends On The Intention

962.2Question: What is matter in a person and what is spiritual? How can you distinguish between spiritual and corporeal life?

Answer: Only by its purpose, what is it exactly that you want. That is the only difference.

I can enjoy life, travel, sit with friends at a good table, and so on. And whether these actions are corporeal or spiritual depends on how we fill them, with what intention, what we talk about during the meal and in other situations.

Everything is conditioned by what goal everyone pursues being together with their friends. If our goal is to unite, to show each other how we want to be internally connected, then this is a spiritual action.

Everything depends only on our intention, on how much we strengthen our connection so that the Creator begins to manifest between us.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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Turn To The Creator!

562.01Question: How can I properly love my neighbor as myself if I understand that I am naturally subject to the Creator?

Answer: If you understand that it is impossible to love your neighbor in any way because you love only yourself and the Creator gives you everything, then you should turn to Him. That’s all.

Only the Creator is to blame for what is happening in your country and in the whole world in general. He does all this so that we turn to Him and ask Him to change our nature.

After all, with the change of our nature by the Creator, at our own request, there is the attainment of the highest degree of governance from where all the signals descend. Thus, we rise higher and higher to His level of governance. The Creator is a global law, a global force of nature, that includes everything in itself, generates and controls absolutely everything.

By ascending to Him, we can feel the lower layers in ourselves that we rise above. That is why He arranged everything. That is what it is said: “I created an evil inclination, and you will figure out where it came from, and who can fix it.” Any evil, any bad manifestation, comes from the Creator only in order for us to start turning to Him.

It’s very simple. We just need to get together and start implementing it.

Moreover, it is very difficult for one person to do this; he must be in a group of like-minded people. After all, with the support of the group when everyone pushes and correctly directs each other to the Creator, gathers in tens, and forms a common system between you, you will be able to squeeze out such an appeal to the Creator that will force Him to change His attitude toward you.

The Creator specifically gives us problems so that we ask Him to change us. And He Himself cannot change, He is the absolute. He can change us so that we begin to understand His nature and His attitude toward us as good and kind.

To the extent that our egoistic nature changes to an altruistic one, we begin to see the world, ourselves, and everyone around us as kind, pleasant, and united. But, first of all, we must support each other in turning to the Creator, and only in order for Him to correct us.

Usually, the Creator is asked to change Himself and treat us better. And Kabbalah teaches us how to turn to the Creator so that He corrects us. And then we will understand that He treats us correctly and well. As we change, we will begin to feel it.

For example, a child does not like how his parents treat him, all the time limiting and instructing him. But when he gets smarter, he understands that this is for his own good and he accepts everything correctly. So let’s try to be good children.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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Whom To Ask For?

514.02Question: What should I do if I feel a descent? Do I need to ask for myself—for the Creator to raise me up—or ask for my friends so that they do not fall?

Answer: If you ask for yourself, it is not good. You must ask for the group because by falling out of the ten, you deprive it of your support, your participation.

Therefore, you should turn to the Creator: “I ask You to raise me up, help me, guide me, support me, because by this I want to support others.” After all, the most important thing in our work is to find the connection between us.

We exist in an integral world where everything is completely interconnected with all of nature, except for human society. We need to unite it. If you ask for strength and support for yourself to be connected with others, then you will succeed in raising a prayer. Otherwise, no.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference“

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The Only Weapon Is Prayer

232.1Our only weapon is prayer. Only the appeal to the Creator can help us—nothing
else works. Is there another force in the world that determines anything? And do you really know what to add from yourself to the Creator’s help?

Therefore, the only thing that exists is the appeal to the Creator in the purest form when I ask for nothing but to receive the power of bestowal. This is my only condition. And if I add something to this condition, then it is as if I am deciding something myself, and this is not good. It is wrong. After all, I do not know what is there in this unknown property of bestowal.

Therefore, there is nothing but turning to the Creator and asking only for the force of bestowal and only from within the Ten. This is called “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” Israel is the person within the ten. The Torah is his desire to receive the power of bestowal that the Creator can give. And we want all three components to come together.

When they really unite, it means that we have reached the end of correction, that is, all our desires have united with the source, with the forces of the Creator, into one whole.

And here we must come to despair because I think in my egoism that I control everything and that I will do everything myself. But in essence, I must come to the opposite state when only the Creator determines everything, and I have to bow down to Him.

The creator is very jealous. He cannot bear that you turn to some other force—as if in reality there is something else beside Him. He is jealous not even of the fact that you are turning to another force but because you think that there is someone else to whom you can turn to beside Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/21, “Every day will be like new in your eyes”,

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The Work Of The Creator Is Done By The Creator

936We only need to ask and the upper light will come from above, which will sort out our qualities, divide us into ten Sefirot, arrange everything and connect us. The light will do everything, just let it work. We must reveal that we need its help.

We are engaged in the work that is called “the work of the Creator,” that is, it is performed by the Creator. So let Him work, don’t try to work instead of Him! After all, we cannot know how the ten is divided into ten Sefirot in order to connect them correctly. On the contrary, the Creator only wants us to ask Him, and He will realize everything with His upper force.

He is only waiting for our request to do everything, and the simplest and most trusting way is when we do not know or understand anything except that He is our Creator and we ask Him to help us.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/6/21, “Connecting Into a Single Ten,” Lesson 6

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