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Evolution Is The Evolution Of Connections

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/16/20

From the very first particles that connected into the first atoms, evolution was about growing connectedness. Compounds that could maintain their connections survived, and those that could not stick together disintegrated and vanished. On the physical level, nature has created a balanced and harmonious world whose beauty is beyond belief.

On the spiritual level, it left evolution in our hands, and we messed it all up. We failed to understand what evolution means. We thought it meant technological development, modes of governance, even athletic achievements. We tried to develop everything except the one thing we needed to: our connections. We evolved in the opposite direction from nature.

This is the reason we are suffering—because we have evolved into selfish beings that see nothing but their own interest, the exact opposite from the way every element in creation operates. Look at our own bodies: We want our organs to cooperate so we can stay healthy, but we ourselves do not want to cooperate in order to keep society healthy. It is no wonder that society is sick!

We are on the cusp of a huge transition. Those who will evolve into connected people will thrive. Those who will not realize that evolution means connection will suffer and ultimately vanish. It is an accelerating process that will put tremendous pressure on everyone to transform themselves. The sooner we adapt, the better for all of us.

[Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash]

Reinventing Culture

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/14/20

There is no question that entertainment suffered a major blow as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Many people in the industry have left it, and many more will have to leave it. I would not pay it particular attention among the rest of the dying crafts were it not for its prominence in our lives, especially among young people.

The entertainment industry not only reflects the spirit of the time; in many ways, it creates it. New times will require new entertainment, and the sooner we will realize it, the better for all of us. Social media stars, for instance, will lose their popularity, not because they have done something wrong, but because people will be less attracted to social media accounts that revolve around looks and extravagance. They will start looking for meaning and social value in people’s words and actions.

Culture is a dynamic field, and no one can say for certain what form culture will dominate in the emerging era. But I have no doubt that the pre-coronavirus era will not return; this has left for good.

In all likelihood, the idols of the future will cater more to values such as solidarity and unity in the community. They will not only promote social cohesion, but will set an example through their own actions.

Stage artists, too, will adapt their music and shows to the emerging spirit: Their songs, plays, and movies will champion warm and mutual human connection, and their art will reflect their visions. Perhaps they will make less money, but they will be far richer in friends, real friends.

Perhaps today this vision seems bleak to those who aspire for fame and fortune, but tomorrow they will feel it is the most natural way to live. They will not understand how they could have thought otherwise, or what they ever found in having tons of money and no one to share it with.

COVID-19 Has Given Us a Lesson in Humility

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/14/20

Quite probably, no danger has been downplayed more than the coronavirus. Since case 1, the virus has been described as a type of flu, a negligible threat to health, and basically, a non-issue. Yet, we can already see that this bug has a huge impact on human society. Covertly, COVID-19 has smashed the foundations of human civilization. Within two months, humanity has capitulated to an enemy it cannot see, hear, smell, taste, or touch, and whose noxiousness is questionable.

Flu or no flu, one by one, governments revoked all public activities, religious and political congregations, professional conventions, sports and entertainment, shopping centers, factories, hi-tech companies, transportation, and recreation. Despite the unimaginable cost, heads of state succumbed in droves to the bug and stopped their nations in their tracks.

Even more extraordinary, now, as governments are trying to restart their countries, people aren’t excited to partake. It’s not only that they’ve had no income during the lockdown, though this is true as well. It is deeper than that: Humanity is losing interest in a civilization that hails people according to their wallets.

Though policy makers and tycoons are urging people to pick up where they left off two months ago, as they stand to gain the most from the recovery, at our expense(s), this will not happen, not this time. People have changed.

Not only tycoons and policy makers have been given a humbling lesson by the virus, we all have. We’ve all learned how vulnerable we are, how dependent we are on each other for our most basic needs, from health and food to human compassion. We have learned that what really makes us happy is warm families and good friendships, not hot trends and smirking colleagues.

We are learning to be equal. We are realizing that it is more rewarding to complete than to compete, that it is so rewarding to share, to care, and to be free at last from our egoistic selves. By submitting our egos, COVID-19 has given us life.

And as every toddler does, we are taking baby-steps. At times we will stumble, at times we will fall, but our goal must be clear all along: We are learning to unite. If we strive to live in unity, life itself will teach us what we must keep from the past, and what we must cast away. We need not make decisions in advance, just try to bond with one another and see what kind of society emerges, how it caters to its members, rewards its champions, and reproaches its foes.

As our values change, so will our causes for joy and for sorrow. Our aspirations will effortlessly adjust themselves to the new environment, and we will thrive when everyone around us thrives.

Since human bonding will be the ultimate goal of society, we will not be afraid for ourselves, for our children, or for others in our care. We will not need to worry about food, housing, health care, education, friends for our children or friends for ourselves. Simply, we will not need to worry. And the only demand of us will be to do the same good for others as they do for us.

We should fear the virus and tend to our health, but we should also be thankful that it came to our aid. It saved us from killing each other and destroying our planet; it gave us a chance to start over. So in all honesty, I am grateful for the lesson in humility that COVID-19 has given us all.

[Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash]

Who’s Afraid Of Education?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/14/20

Often, when I say that COVID-19 is educating humanity, people wince a little, as if I said something inappropriate. People don’t like to be educated; they like to be on top, and education means absorbing knowledge from someone else, which puts the educator above and the student below. But what if you knew that the teacher wanted nothing but what’s best for you? What if you knew that the teacher loved you and wanted you to succeed and have the best life you can have? Wouldn’t you learn gladly?

Our whole problem is that we think we are at war with nature, so we’re trying to dominate it. But nature created us; we can’t be above it or win against it, however hard we try. Moreover, nature has no desire to harm us. It is harmonious, and maintains all its components in harmony with one another. Humans are the only element in nature that resists this harmony and wants to be on top.

By impelling us to quarantine ourselves, nature showed us its beauty, brought itself to our doorsteps (often quite literally), cleaned the air and the water, and educated us about the harm we have been causing to ourselves and our surroundings all along.

Now that we are coming out of lockdowns, we can choose to maintain harmony with nature, or dump it and resume our self-indulging festivities. If we choose the former, nature will reward us tenfold. We will be far healthier, safer, and happier than ever. If we choose self-indulgence, nature, like a vigilant teacher, will punish again, but more severely, since we wouldn’t learn the first time. The choice, as always, is ours.

The Crown Age

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/12/20

The world has changed; we don’t know what to do. We’re unsure about the future, if we’ll have jobs tomorrow, or if there will be any jobs tomorrow? What will become of us, of humanity?

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, the highest quality is called Keter [crown]. This is the quality of giving. This quality created the world and has sustained it ever since. It keeps everything in healthy balance and allows all things to flourish.

Human society is the only element in reality that is built on selfishness and inequality, where the strong take not all that they need, but all that they can. As a result, imbalance is ingrained in human society, and now it is collapsing.

Symbolically or not, Corona Virus (the crown virus) is the harbinger of the crown age in humanity. Now the quality of giving, Keter, is emerging. We are insecure because within us, there is a battle between egoism and giving, and the world is teetering between the two. In the end, Keter will win, but until then, we will afraid and insecure.

Yet, there is a lot we can do to end the insecurity. We can embrace the quality of giving and practice it among us. Clearly, it will not be real giving since there is no real love between us. Nevertheless, it will advance our acclimation to the new reality of Keter. Just as lion cubs play hunters because the games develop their hunting skills, we must play givers to develop our giving skills.

The Crown Age is here. The economy that was based on self-centered products has been shut down and will not return. An economy of giving will emerge instead, which will allow us to befriend each other, trust each other, and stop exploiting ourselves and our planet. The sooner we embrace it, the better.

Redefining Our Selves

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/9/20

The coronavirus will impel us to reevaluate everything. First, it demonstrated how much we really need each other—by denying us physical contact and sending us to stay home. Next, it highlighted the imperfections of the economy—how unfit it is to sustain the people it is meant to sustain, how the top financial tier profiteer on the backs of everyone else, and how vital food products are thrown to the trash to keep their prices high, while more than 20 percent of American households are going hungry.

The social crisis that will unquestionably ensue will make us rethink everything. We will reevaluate relationships, work, and social values. If, until recently, we regarded ostentatious rich people as successful, we will begin to appreciate people who contribute to society. The daily applaud to health care workers on the frontline of the battle against COVID-19 is an example of this trend. The more we understand that our happiness does not depend on emulating people who boast in their self-centeredness, but on people who work hard to contribute to society, the more we will want to be like them.

It may be a hard and painful lesson to learn, but the coronavirus is gradually teaching us how to be more caring, compassionate, and, eventually, happy. COVID-19 is making us redefine our selves.

The Case For The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/6/20

We often state that the human ego causes all the problems and without it everything would be great in the world. But there’s a very good reason for the existence of the enormous human ego.

The ego is what separates us from the rest of the animals. It is the engine behind every human invention since prehistoric times. As harmful as it is, the ego is what has made us the apex of creation. The problem with the ego begins when we misuse it. When used correctly, the more we use of it, the better.

To use the ego correctly, we need to see the truth: Reality is one complete system whose components are interdependent. Then, just as a mother uses her ego for the sake of her entire family, we will use our egos for the sake of the entire planet—humanity, animals, plants, and minerals alike.

Our innate perception is that only we matter. Therefore, education must begin with changing our perception to a more integral one, which encompasses everything around us. This is called “Integral Education,” and today we must all be somewhat “educated” in that direction. This is the key to building a world that does not exploit people and nature, and does not produce pandemics like COVID-19. Integral Education is the real vaccine against any virus.

Unprecedented Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/5/20

Humanity is moving toward an unprecedented crisis. There have been crises before—economic and social crises, when the ego of one country collided with another, or several other countries. But now we’re moving into a completely different type of crisis. We’re moving into a state where humanity must scrutinize, question, and in most cases discard everything that it has built in its entire history.

Everything we’ve built has been based on self-extolment. Now we’re moving into an era when solidarity is the only value that society appreciates, and consideration, the only trait humanity respects.

The coronavirus has exposed our interdependency. Gradually, we will discover that this mutual dependency runs much deeper than the pandemic; it is the very fabric of reality. Soon we will come to feel that anyone who is inconsiderate toward others hurts not only those he mistreats, but everyone and everything, since he is tearing the fabric of reality.

Realizing our interconnectedness will necessarily engender mutual care and consideration. The sooner we adapt to this mode of thinking, the sooner it will become our reality. The more we exert to be considerate to others, the more pleasantly, smoothly, and quickly will we transition to this pleasant life.

Walking Through A Minefield

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/4/20

As the world returns to what we call “normalcy,” to the pre-coronavirus madness, we must look for signs that we have learned something from the ordeal. Have we become more one? Have we become more like a family? Have we realized that the ties between us are unbreakable? If we have, we will be able to find our way through the minefield more easily. The mines—the obstacles our egos place in order to trip us—are certain to explode. We must be careful to stir clear of them and warn others not to go that way, too.

We have to use our ego; it is all we’ve got, but we must use it wisely. We must use our desire for respect and praise people who contribute to society and do not wallow in self-entitlement. We must use our desire for knowledge and laud those who help others learn rather than striving to outdo their peers. We must use our desire for money and commend those who help communities make wiser economic choices.

But we can do all that only if realize that we are one humanity, and COVID-19 has shown us that we are dependent on each other, for better or worse.

We Mustn’t Be Complacent

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/3/20

The global decline in new COVID-19 confirmed cases shouldn’t mislead us. The coronavirus isn’t gone; it’s just preparing its next move. There is nothing medical that we can do to stop it from sending another wave, more vicious than the first. If we want to get rid of the germ, we have to tackle it at the level that created it: the level of human society.

Humanity has been operating on a paradigm that idolized unabashed selfishness. We admired people who were obnoxious to others and to nature, and turned those bullies into role models. It’s no wonder we couldn’t stop depleting and polluting our planet, since deep down we all wanted to be among those who were doing the most harm. They had all the money, power, prestige, and what they gave in return was lip service that we must curb emissions and guard free speech and democracy.

Nature exposed our hypocrisy and with a single whiff, shut down the world. Now it’s our choice to change how we treat one another and nature, build a new paradigm—of giving and mutual concern—and save ourselves, our planet, and our future. Nature is letting us choose, and the choice is very clear: heaven of friendship or hell of egoism.

[May 2, 2020, Concord, New Hampshire, USA: Children play at Reopen NH rally in Concord. Hundreds of protesters gather outside of the State House to protest New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu to end his stay-at-home emergency order at Reopen NH rally in Concord]