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“Education That Makes People Happy”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 7/19/20

Why do we send our kids to school? So they would become cultured? So they would have successful careers, make lots of money and earn people’s respect? In the end, we send them to school because we want them to be happy. It’s not as if we believe that school can really make people happy, but we think that without it, they will encounter even more hardships than life hands each of us anyhow.

What is the result? Very few are happy, the majority are struggling, and many don’t even finish. And worst of all, other than some learning habits and techniques, school gives no tools for life, no skills of human relations, no experience in cooperation, no understanding of human nature, and no idea about the world we live in or where it’s going. With a few exceptions, schools get an F in education.

Why does this happen? Because in order to succeed, we need to redefine education. We need to think of education as a process of adaptation to the laws of nature. Education should both teach the laws of nature and assist us in adapting to them.

When we are born, we are nothing more than little animals. In fact, we are more helpless than any animal. We have no instincts to guide us, we cannot find our mother’s nipples, and we cannot even urinate without making a mess. No animal is more helpless than man. But this helplessness is exactly where we can gain the most. By learning every aspect of our existence, from the most basic to the most exalted, we become conscious on a far deeper level than any animal. If we realize our potential, then the human being, which begins as the most inferior of creatures, ends as the most sublime. But only if we realize our potential. This is the purpose of education.

Education should teach us that nature is whole, complete, integral. It is an indivisible entity that appears to us as separate pieces only because we perceive ourselves as separate, and therefore perceive everything else as separate entities, as well. Education should help us see the world for the integral whole that it is, and feel ourselves as included in it. It is not intellectual knowledge that we need, it is a very palpable experience.

Because it is so vital for our lives, education is not for kids and adolescents; it’s for everyone. In fact, it is more for grownups than it is for children, since educated grownups can educate their children, while uneducated grownups might spoil the children’s education even if it is good.

Correct education is done in groups that work on their unity until they become one whole. This develops in them the integral perception and allows them to perceive reality as integral, as well.

Without understanding and experiencing this wholeness, we will not know how to deal with the global crises we are experiencing at an increasing frequency and severity. Without grasping that we are whole and therefore mutually responsible for one another, we will not survive the integral reality that is encroaching on us.

Today, an educated person is not one who is well mannered; it is one who is internally connected to humanity, to earth, to everything. This is the only education that will carry us through the crises, and the only education that will make us happy.

“We Can Learn From Each Other Or Learn From The Virus”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 7/15/20

We can educate ourselves or we can let the novel coronavirus do it for us, but while we wait for companies to find a vaccine or a cure, the old world is crumbling and nothing is being done to shape something new. Isn’t it obvious that we can’t go on this way? Isn’t it clear that if people have no income, no occupation, and nothing to do all day, all hell will break loose?

There is a good reason that the government unveiled a new jobs initiative titled “Find Something New,” since “jobs are changing and the pandemic has accelerated the pace.” Jobs are not only changing, they are vanishing, and new jobs must be created.

Since we already know that the virus is going to be here for a while, we should also know that yesterday’s jobs are, well, yesterday’s. By the time the virus vanishes, if it ever does, these jobs will be nothing but memories.

The virus isn’t destroying humanity; it is transforming it. It is forcing us to keep only occupations that are vital for life, and frees the rest of the people. Frees them to do what? To get to know each other. We are the first generation that truly doesn’t need to work for a living. We can support ourselves through the work of very few people, and very smart machines. Those who want to, can work at these essential jobs, while the rest of us free ourselves up to socialize without competition, the need to prove our value, the fear of being fired, or the need to put up a front of happiness.

Now we can sit back and reflect on what we want from life. And what we want is love. Everybody wants it, even the toughest of the tough. It’s how we’re made. We can lie to ourselves about it but not to Mother Nature.

So now that technology can do most of the physical work, we are free to engage our emotions. Now is our time to learn how to love one another and build a solid society, where mutual responsibility and genuine care are the building blocks of life.

It may seem odd to be reading about love when there is so much hatred everywhere, but the rampant hatred is exactly why we need to learn to love so desperately. So while a few of us keep working alongside the machines, the rest of us should learn the trade of the future: caring for each other. Some may like the idea, and some may not, but a guaranteed future of almost total joblessness and a need to survive will ultimately convince even the most obstinate that caring for each other is the best, and only way to live.

“Ground Thin By The Millstones”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 7/12/20

With COVID-19 on one hand, and swarms of locusts on the other, nature seems to have served us a double whammy this year, and we’ve only gone through half of it. As though ground by millstones, nature has stripped humanity of its wealth. We knew we were exploiting nature; we knew we were destroying our own planet, and we knew that we have been abusive and exploitative toward each other. We knew, but we didn’t really do much to stop it, so nature tumbled civilization like a deck of cards.

Now, just over six months into the year, nothing is left standing but Amazon. But as jobs vanish, so will online retail, and we’ll be left with nothing but the basics.

And this is the whole purpose. Call it nature, call it God, or call it life; whatever the title, reality is teaching us that we must build a society that tends to everyone’s needs. There is enough food and water for everyone, and there will enough be in the future, too, but civilization will survive only if it sees that everyone has access to these basics.

We have built a civilization based on exploitation, where nations, races, religions, and rulers vie for hegemony, and the winner takes all. We justified our depravity by saying that nature’s way is the survival of the fittest. But we have misunderstood the concept. It is not those who are the most fit who survive; it is those who most fit into their environment. To fit into the environment means to contribute to it, strengthen it, enrich and sustain it, rather than exploit it. We didn’t only misunderstand; we completely reversed the meaning of the term “to fit.”

Now nature will force us to start over. It will leave nothing of the old economy, the capitalism we so idealized. Nature will teach us how to build a society based on caring, sharing, and tending to each other. It will teach us to treat strangers like family, to give of ourselves not because we must, or because we want others’ to be indebted to us. We will give because giving will feel like living, and taking will be an embarrassment. Once our self-entitlement is ground thin, a new humanity will rise.

“The World Awaits The American Dawn”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 7/7/20

A few days after the riots in Manhattan that erupted during the protests over the killing of George Floyd, a friend sent a seven-minute video of himself driving through the city. Throughout the clip, only two venues did not have their street level windows broken or boarded up: a store at the bottom of Trump Tower, where FBI forces guarded the entrance, and a church, which had no street level windows, only heavy doors.

Throughout the clip, you can hear the man saying, “All boarded up; all the high-end stores, all boarded up…” He was in shock. Before his eyes, the insignia of the American Dream were shattered and boarded up, and the whole notion of capitalism was falling apart with it.

I am the last person to mourn over the demise of capitalism, but it is still amazing to see it happening with your own eyes. It’s not as if the writing hasn’t been on the wall for decades, but COVID-19 seems to have landed it a knockout. Capitalism will not rise up, and the world will follow America’s lead.

But the world isn’t ending. In fact, a new dawn is rising. We are entering an era of mutual concern and care for one another. It is a painful birth, but what birth isn’t? The world that is emerging from the ruins of capitalism is one where people tend to one another—initially because they have to, but ultimately because they want to!

The current crisis, expedited by the virus, has exposed society’s broken ties and showed that if we don’t fend for ourselves, no one will. At the same time, only now that the shattering is evident is it possible to begin the process of correction.

And in the case of America, correction means connection. Heart-to-heart connection must be the top value, the zenith. It will take all parties and all factions of society to achieve it, but it is the only way out of the downhill spiral.

As for the rest of the world, it is, and will be watching carefully to see what comes out of America. This vast country, with its myriad cultures, is a sample of all of humanity. If America unites above all the differences among its residents, so will all the nations. The world awaits the American Dawn.

“What To Do With A Rebellious Child”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 7/6/20

The first time we were told to stay at home and keep a six-foot distance, we largely obeyed. We didn’t want to catch the virus or put our elderly loved ones at risk. When authorities rolled back the lockdown and said we could go out again, that’s when we lost it. Not everyone, but enough of us to make the virus hit back ferociously.

But now we can’t go back. People’s patience has vanished, their obedience—replaced with defiance. It’s as if people are telling nature, “Catch me if you can!” It can and it will. If not with the coronavirus, then with some other virus, bacteria, or an entirely different disciplinary menace. Once nature has made a statement, it will not let up until we listen, since each statement is the beginning of a new phase in our development as a human society.

The coronavirus is telling us that we should stay apart from one another because we’re harmful to each other. We have been harmful to each other in so many ways, often deliberately, that our society has been falling apart and disintegrating long before the George Floyd protests began. But with COVID-19 spreading faster than ever, racial tensions escalating all over the country, a police force that has been demonized and delegitimized to the point where it has become powerless in many cases, and a rabid elections campaign whose virulence will only peak in a few months, we are seeing the making of a perfect storm that could tumble the most formidable superpower in modern history, and perhaps ever.

The next phase, the one that nature is forcing through the virus, will see a humanity that is much more considerate and caring one. But humanity will determine how fast that phase evolves, and how pleasantly and smoothly it overcomes the current, self-centered humanity we’ve all grown up with.
Any parent knows what to do when his or her child isn’t straightened out after the first admonition: give a second, much harsher one. Since we have been disobedient, this is what we should expect from nature.

But nature has no wish to obliterate humanity; it’ll only hurt us until we learn to treat each other and the planet better. We may challenge nature and throw COVID parties, and we may refuse to wear masks or keep our distance, but it won’t be long before nature grabs us by the ear and sends us to the corner.

Sometimes, when the odds are totally against you, it’s unwise to be a wise guy. Sometimes, the wisest thing to do is simply play along. And in this case, at the end of the game, we will discover that we are the winners and our defiance only delayed our victory.

Professor COVID

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 6/15/20

Like a firm, demanding teacher, the coronavirus is impelling us to change our way of thinking. By not letting us return to our previous way of life, it forces us to build a new one, where we focus less on material, immediate satisfactions, and more on lasting, social ones, which derive from positive connections with others.

We don’t have to wait for the virus to push into connecting with each other. In fact, if we do, we will suffer even more bitterly than now from the stern hand of the invisible “teacher.” Instead, we need to acknowledge our interconnectedness, that we are all interdependent in every aspect of our lives, and structure our society accordingly.

The new way of life will require a new kind of thinking. For example, if we feel that we are healthy and strong, we tend not to wear masks because they are uncomfortable. But by doing so, we may infect other people with the virus because we might be asymptomatic carriers. In the new thinking, we will wear masks so as not to infect others with the virus, precisely because we don’t know whether or not we are carriers.

The same goes for food. In the near future, there could be a situation where food shortage will impact all of us. If we all try to grab as much as possible and think only of ourselves, we will create chaos and violence. But if we take only what we need so that others will have theirs, too, there will be plenty for everyone and a feeling of warmth and confidence will spread through the community. In this way, the virus will gradually teach us that good connections feel much better and are much more rewarding than our previous life of brutal competition and overconsumption. The only question is how quickly we will learn it.

To My Students, Friends, And Followers

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 6/15/20

We are living in a special time. The hidden connections that tie us all into one whole have emerged and demand our attention. At such a time, we are all accountable; we are responsible for one another. What each of us does, says, and thinks, impacts every single person, and the whole planet.

For this reason, now we must pursue unity more than ever before. We must pursue it above all that separates us: race, color, religion, gender, language, culture, history, literacy, mentality, and character. We are one body, one organism, and in an organism, there is no hatred among the organs, only love, respect, and gratitude to each organ for carrying out its unique role. Now that we are all connected, we can see that we, humanity, are just like any organism. We are all dependent on each other, and we must therefore cherish one another.

When we help each other grow and express each one’s uniqueness, we are not doing it for another person; we are doing it for ourselves! When each of us is happy, all of us are happy. This is how it works in an organism. And when we work as an organism, we will discover the power that exists in unity. This power, which enables all of reality to work in harmony, exists among us. If we build our connections in congruence with this power, we will feel it filling up the cavities between us. Then, all hatred and anguish will cease.

In these special times, every person in humanity is summoned to partake in the unity, and spread it far and wide. The wider we spread it, the more we will feel it. For this reason, I am asking all my friends, students, and followers to please share this message. Share the posts on my page wherever you can; place them on your wall and in groups where you are members. You are not doing this for yourselves; you are doing this for the world, to spread unity and love the world over. Never before has spreading love and unity been more pressing and essential than it is today. By doing so, you are healing humanity from hatred; you are ushering in solidarity, friendship, and happiness at a time of great transformation. It is in your hands to determine if we go through it pleasantly and easily, or painfully and slowly.

Please spread the word,

My Thoughts On Twitter 6/10/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Big offices will disappear. “Working from home” will be the norm. Big #cities will shrink, and offices will be converted to housing. Big companies, global business, big banks, and the financial system will disappear! #Banks will only finance commerce and manufacturing.
Countries will be self-sufficient.

What to expect: the falsehood of the current system is becoming obvious. The #unemployment rate will not fall. #Pension funds will not survive. Flights and meetings will not be restored. All meetings and conferences will be held over video. Mass #tourism will completely die out. Most #hotels will be closed.

Hatred can only be cured by love, which covers all transgressions. There is no love, but you can attract this force from above! We will have to learn to love. There is no choice! With many nationalities living in the US, a real Babylon, how can we come to a common agreement? Only through love…!

Love does not require intelligence. I simply love, no explanation. This should be clear to everyone of the eight billion people, it requires no preparation. Our generation is ready to listen and understand that the solution can only be found in love. Either we unite or die!

The #riots that broke out in America are spreading all over the world, and will not subside. New viruses and terror will come, all just to lead us to love. There is no reason to love, but I know that if I don’t, I will be finished, and so will this world.

In our time, only love can save us, that is, unity above all differences. Even if there is nothing I like about my child, I still love him! Love knows no laws: “love covers all crimes.” This is the kind of love we need to learn!

Revealing love means revealing that there is a force in the world that unites us above hatred. Thus, hatred becomes manifest in order for us to have the need for love. Without love, hatred cannot be corrected. These two forces reveal and complement each other.

We were told at mount Sinai: “If you don’t unite, this will be your burial place.” We are required to execute the law of nature—unity. Total unity is called “love.” Nature will bring us to it by any means! Therefore, salvation lies only in love—connection above any rejections!

What is the reason for the unrest that is happening now in America and China? The Creator wants to show us that the only thing we lack is love. We need to search and find this force of love, because only with it can we achieve such a connection when everyone will be happy!

We need to build life not based on the old model but in a whole new way. Anyone who is not currently an essential worker for society does not have the right to break quarantine. We must not return to the old world, but learn to live in a new world with the #coronavirus!

Currently, across many countries, #quarantine is gradually lifted, and people are happily rushing back to shops and restaurants. A week later they will see a new surge in infection rates. We are trying to return to the old life, but this is a big mistake that will cost us dearly.

The world has entered a period when every day there is a growing responsibility to start the correction. #Coronavirus, #unemployment, and other impending problems and unrest are compelling us to it.

Baal HaSulam: I merited spiritual attainment only because I cared about revealing it to my generation!
Unlike still, vegetative, and animate, at the Human level there is a special kind of egoism made by the Creator, which prevents me from perceiving things outside of myself as having the right to exist unless they benefit me.
Thus, the only way to correct it is by covering the opposite with the quality—the power of love!
From Twitter, 6/10/20

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Can The Death Of George Floyd Lead To Positive Change?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 6/9/20

E Pluribus Unum,” the US motto displayed on the official seal of the United States, is particularly relevant in today’s America in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police. Its meaning, “Out of many, one,” represents the ultimate goal of any society, and the only cure to racial tensions such as those currently suffocating the US and numerous cities around the world. Is it possible to envision a future positive state from where we are, with society’s wounds still bleeding? Indeed, there is no other alternative.

Socialists, communists, capitalists, rich, poor, people of all the races, colors, backgrounds, and walks of life make up America’s melting pot—a modern-day Babylon with the same internal divisions and struggles that characterized that ancient civilization.

Humanity’s history has been wrought with intense wars and social struggles that erupted due to inequity, discrimination, racism, and xenophobia. All these ailments have one common root: human nature with its intrinsic desire to belittle and even annul the other for self-benefit. From generation to generation, as humanity developed, our egoism swelled until the gaps between us became pronounced and complex.

Today, we have reached such high levels of mutual hatred that if we do not pursue unity to compensate for our hostility, we will destroy ourselves. And based on our life experience, we know that transformational change is difficult because it requires that we leave our comfort zone against the protests of our ego which clings to the familiar status quo. Habits of prejudice tie us down and we resist change.

Because we always extrapolate from the past to envision the future, it’s difficult to imagine a bright tomorrow ahead of us. But if we view our current conditions as a fertile ground for a deep transformation, we will find an invitation at this challenging time to abandon our destructive past and move into a whole new level of coexistence.

Humankind is a family living in one household called Planet Earth, where we are entirely dependent on one another. Thus, we have no other choice but to come to an agreement and cultivate good human relations above anything that divides us—gender, race, religion, ideology, background, or interests. The goal should not be to erase our differences, but to use them as the means to reach a higher state where we complement each other to reach peace, understanding, and support.

In our day and age, hate cannot be cured by separation, and vice versa—separation will never lead to love. Hate can only be cured with love. Such terms as “love,” “inclusion,” and “unity” may sound delusional since no one truly wants to connect. It is against our nature—to receive for ourselves. Therefore, nature is pushing us from behind in the direction we need to go, pushing us the hard way to observe its laws of mutual responsibility and learn from them how to solve our predicaments.

When we look at nature, we see that despite the constant struggles for survival, its elements maintain an overarching balance that fosters growth and prosperity. Moreover, the struggles actually contribute to the healthy evolution of species. The interdependence of everyone and everything in a closed, round world, stimulate and advance the principals of equality and connection as in a close-knit family where every member is different and complements each other. That is the only way to maintain and ensure harmony and vitality for all.
The pressure of our globalized world represents the first time that nature demands from all of us, without exception, to understand who we are, the world we live in, and the urgency of harnessing the force of love between us. Even small steps toward unity and rising above our differences will make a huge positive difference toward becoming “Out of many, one”!

Bad Shame, Good Shame

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 6/2/20

Today (Tuesday, June 2nd), I had a conversation with a former high profile economist in Israel. The conversation touched on many subjects, one of which was tax evasion. To most people, not paying one’s full taxes does not seem like a big deal. But in fact, it points to a very deep flaw in our society: lack of concern for others. Because even if the government does not use the taxes it collects the way I think it should, it still spends it according to what it sees as the best policy for the public. If I don’t participate in funding the contribution to the public, I exclude myself from the public.

I once went with my late teacher, RABASH, to a doctor. It was a private appointment, which his health insurance did not cover, so at the end of the appointment I paid the doctor. When he sat down to write a receipt, I casually told him I did not need one. He looked at me very seriously and said, “Whether you need it or not, I need to write it,” because that way it is reported to the government and he pays his taxes for the fee I gave him. When we left his clinic, RABASH told me he was very impressed with the doctor’s approach.

That doctor, by his behavior, gave me an example of responsibility for the public. That is the kind of attitude we need to adopt toward the public today, and not only when it comes to taxes, but on any matter.

If we had regarded for the public, we would shame those who avoid paying their taxes. And because nothing is more important for a person than one’s self-esteem, the fear of the public’s contempt would keep people honest and would make policing redundant. Think how much federal or state governments would gain by this, how much they would save on policing, what they could do with the added money for the common good, or how much they could lower everyone else’s taxes if everyone paid their due amounts.

If we exercised socially responsible behavior, we would not suffer from half the problems that trouble us today. Road rage would be gone, crime would be radically reduced, mediation gaps would shrink to the minimum, consumer prices would drop, and everyone’s purchasing power would grow without earning another sent. Life could be so much better and easier if we would choose to shame those who behave irresponsibly toward the public, and praise those who behave responsibly.

Shaming is a terrible thing. But making a person ashamed of being bad toward the public is very, very good.