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Don’t Be Afraid Of COVID-19

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/25/20

The coronavirus came to tell us to stop running around like a hamster on a wheel, and start to develop a new way of thinking.

The coronavirus is no virus. It’s mercy from nature showing us what a terrible world we have created, and how much we are suffering in it.

For years, we were destroying everything that we created, everything that raised us, and today, instead of a world war that we would definitely have started, nature gives us a small virus, so that we slow down and realize what we have become.

These days, we have a lot of fears. We are afraid to get infected and die, we are scared to lose our financial means for existence, and we are worrying about ours and our children’s and grandchildren’s future. The global pandemic has terrified and paralyzed the entire world, binding people to their homes.

How should we adapt to the new coronavirus reality?

We should definitely calm down. We were not built to run races all the time. Our final goal is to attain what we are living for.

We have to understand the special role that the coronavirus has. It came to shake our previous foundations, so we could change them and discover more meaning through positively connecting to each other in our lives.

We should leave all of our fears behind, and instead of being worried about how to protect ourselves from the coronavirus, take care of how to correctly use this given moment and draw the correct conclusions.

The coronavirus “cleanses” us. It shows how our egoistic attitudes to each other limit us and make us pursue imaginary goals. Thus, the coronavirus gives us a chance to rise above our ego, feel the world through our inner structure, through our soul, and wake up to a completely different, infinite, whole and complete reality.

We are ready to take a step in order to here and now, in this life, reach the state of eternity, and as we can see, nature helps us to do so.

What Will Defeat The Coronavirus?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/23/20

Before discussing what will defeat the coronavirus, we need to understand that beyond all the causes mentioned about the coronavirus, there is a deeper cause: that the coronavirus pandemic is nature’s response to humanity’s negative connections based on self-interested calculations.

Such negative connections spanning our competitive, materialistic and individualistic lifestyles were creating increasing tensions on personal, social and international scales.

We thus needed a certain kind of blow from nature to stop us from heading toward a bigger blow that we would have induced, the likes of which could have been as destructive as a world war.

The coronavirus will not stop until we become ready to positively connect, replacing our egoistic, exploitative and manipulative attitudes to each other with altruistic, supportive, and encouraging ones.

Positive human connection will then create a balance of forces with nature. Then, the coronavirus, which emerged in order to highlight the extent of our negative connection to each other, will disappear.

Adjusting our attitudes to each other, correcting our connections from negative to positive, is ultimately what we need in order to defeat the coronavirus.

We thus need to see that the coronavirus has revealed our negative egoistic attitudes to each other, and if we can overcome the inner remoteness that has grown between us, we will then stop the virus, as well as myriad other negative phenomena and problems in our lives.

What Is So Unique About The Coronavirus?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/20/20

The coronavirus pandemic we are now experiencing will go down in history as a very unique period. A state of emergency around the world and the paralysis of our economic and social structures have come about all due to one tiny and hardly visible virus.

Other than the coronavirus’ health risks, it endangers the systems that human society was constructed on. It makes no distinction between economic and social status, whether one is a simple worker or a president.

If we thought that we had strong economic and social infrastructures, we quickly saw that a microscopic virus could pull the carpet from under our feet. Countries left, right and center are closing their borders and requesting their citizens to stay at home other than leaving for essential needs.

Therefore, we see how one little virus came along and dismantled the materialistic connections that we created between us, connections based on making money, exploiting and competing with each other.

The Coronavirus: An Example of Human Imbalance with Nature

Nature constantly aspires to restore balance: a state of well-oiled interdependence based on everyone considering the common benefit of all. Our egoistic nature, on the other hand, opposes such mutual consideration, as the human ego strives to use anybody and anything in order to benefit itself.

It follows that we brought about this virus by driving our egoistic connections to unparalleled heights. Consequently, a biological particle surfaced that has the strength to shatter our egoistic connections.

Other than the coronavirus, we encounter countless problems on personal, social, global and ecological scales in the modern world, and it is all due to us trying to build our success on the ruin of others.

In recent times, the human ego passed all limitations. The integral mechanism of nature could no longer bear the soaring levels of exploitation, manipulation and abuse among us humans, and it thus reacted with the coronavirus.

In nature, the human level is its most influential. It affects physical and biological connections on its lower animate, vegetative and still levels. As such, negative human connections give rise to negative feedback toward humans from biological phenomena at lower levels.

However, pandemics are nothing new to our world. We experienced many more deaths in other pandemics of the past, when the ego was much smaller than it is today. We have been though pandemics so relentless that they even discarded with populations of entire cities. Moreover, the coronavirus’ mortality rate is relatively low, and by comparison, the seasonal flu has caused more illnesses and deaths. What, then, is so unique about the coronavirus?

What Is So Unique about the Coronavirus?

The coronavirus’ uniqueness is that, despite the highest level of progress that we have ever achieved in our world, it shows us how we are unable to get our life in order.

With full material well-being, we lack positive human relations. And we can only point the finger of blame on ourselves, or more accurately, on the egoistic human nature involuntarily lurking beneath our every thought and action.

Through the revelation of the coronavirus, nature shows us that we need only cure the ego, i.e., that we need to change our approach to the world from “how can others benefit me?” to “how can I benefit others?” That is the deeper meaning behind the pandemic.

We live in a global and integral world, and the coronavirus pandemic clarifies that our ego-based connections in an interdependent world are faulty and dangerous.

Nature has brought us to the realization of our total dependence on each other. From this realization, we are given time to examine how can we relate to each other and to nature differently, with attitudes of mutual support, encouragement and consideration replacing those of exploitation, manipulation and abuse. If we use the time we have now to impact this shift, we will come out of this pandemic into a new and balanced world, and experience our global interdependence harmoniously.

(Reuters: University of California, Berkeley Professors Lisa Wymore (L) and Greg Niemeyer look at the Zoom screen showing students in their online Collaborative Innovation course in Berkeley, California, U.S., March 12, 2020. REUTERS/Nathan Frandino)

My Thoughts On Twitter 3/18/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

It is important to believe and not forget, both in thoughts and in feelings, that everything I receive and sense, all this comes to me, is sent to me, by the Creator. That it’s the Creator constantly addressing me so that I would ask Him for help, for cooperation, to escape the exile that is being disconnected from sensing the Creator.

In the past every person was for himself and against others. The virus has separated us and enabled us to start new reciprocal relationships—good connections. We don’t understand this yet. The clock is ticking, the virus is waiting, and the opportunity is disappearing. Hence nature will spur us on toward the proper relationships with greater impact.
From Twitter, 3/18/20

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How To Make Sense Of The Global Coronavirus Shock

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/17/20

How to Make Sense of the Global Coronavirus Shock

The Global respiratory disease, the coronavirus, has taken our breath away in a split second. But it can be used as an opportunity to inject oxygen into a new world.

It is well known that people do not appreciate what they have until they lose it. In fact, we would do the world a service to part ways for good with what is gone: our frenzied and selfish old lifestyle.

We might already be asking ourselves what our lives will look like after the coronavirus pandemic is over, which will likely take months. Our way of life will certainly never be the same again. Many businesses are expected shut down: restaurants, theaters, cinemas—entertainment venues in general—will have a hard time recovering people’s interest enough to stay afloat.

The Healing of an Ailing World

So far, following the recommendations of health officials is a means for survival, but gradually, we will start seeing something appealing in our new stripped-down lifestyle. A special taste will be acquired for a simpler and deeper form of existence, in contrast to the endlessly exhausting pursuit of materialistic satisfaction that has characterized humanity until now, leading us to a desperate state of ever-increasing emptiness and lack of fulfillment. New senses will be born for self-scrutiny letting us realize that the virus actually resides in our hearts and minds, in the harmful ways by which we relate to each other.

Just like the serpent on the Rod of Asclepius, the symbol associated with medicine and health care, the coronavirus raises its head and forces us to ask questions about the purpose of life. The virus is, in fact, a medicine infused into humanity to heal it from its destructive egoistic nature, which causes conflict, separation and suffering. Thus, we can choose to look at the crisis as a blow and senseless pain, or instead, we can see it as an opportunity from above to correct our failed path and change direction to a more balanced existence. The recovery process will depend on how we respond to the challenge nature is presenting to us.

In the sense that the crisis is aimed at elevating humanity to a different level, to a new approach to life, it becomes something useful. Nature is indicating to us that it disagrees with the lifestyle we have created: pollution, waste, reckless industrial development—conditions affecting and ruining the planet’s integral system on all of its levels: still, vegetative, animate and human. Also, we need to start fixing the damage we have caused precisely at the level of human connections in order to recover balance by organizing our world more healthily through mutual care and responsibility.

The Inidividual and the Collective Are One and the Same

Every individual and all of us together are responsible for transforming what is now taking place in human society to a better state. This is so because in nature’s integral system, the individual and the collective are equal.

Humanity has undergone a long path of self-destruction and division, and the virus shows us that a breach in our connection is the root cause of the problem. Such awareness helps us start feeling ourselves as one body of humanity. It is bringing the world to a single uniform state, revealing that we truly belong to a system where everyone is interdependent.

Overview Of The World Kabbalah Convention 2020

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/5/20

An overview of the World Kabbalah Convention 2020 by Amit Trapoznik

Rabash Park

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/3/20

Always with him

World Kabbalah Convention 2020 Album—In Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/1/20

World Kabbalah Convention 2020

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/1/20

3 days.
150 countries.
26 languages.
5,000 participants.
3,000 virtual connections.
World Kabbalah Convention 2020.
Thank you 🙏🏼

Arava Congress 2020

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 2/23/20

The people of Israel have a close relationship with the desert. In each era we come and go, wandering and returning to this barren place. And so do we, students and members of Bnei Baruch from all over the world disconnect once a year, and head for a weekend in the desert, to unite and focus on the power of connection between us. There are no disturbances in the quiet desert. The thoughts are clear. Intentions flow. The desert is not like the image that comes to mind, a dead space with nothing. The desert has a sea of life. A little digging in the ground will reveal real water sources. As with our inner relationships, we go a little deeper and discover a new dimension—perfect and eternal.