When Internal Values P​revail

437Comment: It seems to us that in ancient times people were primitive. But you said that they were clearly aware of the connection between them.

My Response: In what way were they primitive? Twenty generations of Jews before and after Adam, ten before Noah, and ten from Noah to Abraham were not primitive. They were attaining the upper world in the connection between them. They realized that this was their destiny, and this was why they existed in this world.

Therefore, they did not do anything needless, and they did not create any great monuments, palaces, or deity-statues. They did not build anything! They did not need it. They were doing internal work. Everyone had a place to stay, bread, water, meat, and milk, everything they needed, and that was enough for them.

Look at the ancient civilization that lived here in Israel. What did they leave behind?

Nothing. Of course, there were cities and settlements, but very simple ones.

And the Temple! What was in this Temple? Nothing special. Two hundred by two hundred meters, or even less.

Everything was so simple because it was aimed at internal spiritual development. And when people went into exile from here to all countries of the world, they lost practically nothing; they took a book with them and left. They lived by completely different values.

And what did Greeks and Romans do? When I first came to Washington, I took a look: “This is Rome—one and the same!. Buildings and columns, this is all ancient Greece.” It is the same in Berlin. The thousand-year-old Reich is the heir of Rome. And in Russia they also built something similar.

And here there is nothing of the kind. Where is anything built here? Or where can you get something from ancient history that you would like to restore? There is nothing. One needs to just build ordinary buildings, live there, and that’s it. Everything else is inside.

Even modern new buildings, no one cares what type they should be. There is no architecture, no special music, no literature in the cultural sense, and so on. There is nothing, and there is no need for any of this! All that is needed is a normal living environment in order to provide clothes, shoes, and food that are necessary for the existence of the body. Everything else is just spirit.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Ancient People and Cultures of the Past” 3/8/13

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