What Do the Еlements of Letters Convey?

209There are no vowels in Hebrew. They are expressed by additional dots and marks above, below, or inside the letters.

The Hebrew letter consists of three elements: a dot, a line, a circle.

A black dot on a white background symbolizes the beginning of creation, when an egoistic desire appears on the white background of the upper light, on the background of the influence of the Creator.

This point can express a circle and can expand in any direction from four sides (meaning movement on a plane).

We can talk about this endlessly because the movements of a black dot on a white background express the entire spectrum of the attitude of the Creator to creation and conversely, the creation to the Creator.

That is, the shape of some letter on a black background expresses how I perceive the Creator’s influence on my Kli (vessel). The white light is the light of bestowal, love, and unity with the Creator. As I feel this light, I perform some actions with it and send it back to its source.

We need to study all of this.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/26/22

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