Doing Еverything For The Benefit Of Your Neighbor

622.02Question: It is written in many primary sources that the Creator is the property of bestowal. Can I assume that to love the Creator means to love the property bestowal?

Answer: To some extent, yes. This property can only be demonstrated in relation to other people. That is why it is said: “From love for the created beings to the love for the Creator.”

In principle, there is no difference whether you love the Creator or a person or the whole of humankind. But you can see it better if you use a huge mass of people and change yourself in such a way that you relate to them with absolute kindness.

To love your neighbor means to do what is good for him.

Question: And who decides that it is for his good?

Answer: To understand that, you have to rise up a little above yourself. And to do this, you need to start studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and draw what you need to really move forward from it: how to become kinder and better and how to be able to help others get closer to the revelation of the Creator. This is your task.

Question: You often say that to be able to love the Creator, you must love your neighbor. And loving your neighbor means helping him reveal the Creator, not that I must satisfy hundreds of his desires?

Answer: Of course not. There is only one desire that has to be satisfied: to reveal the Creator and do everything required to achieve this. This is everything.

It makes no sense to satisfy other desires of a person except those necessary for existence, because our main task is to reveal the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/14/21

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