Allusions Тo Spiritual Properties Аnd Actions

630.2Question: On Purim traditionally sweet cakes are eaten shaped to resemble Haman’s pockets. What is it about this symbol?

Answer: In our world, there is a connection between the root and the branch. Therefore, we must somehow display all this in the branches. The people should be attached to such things.

Question: Isn’t it primitive that in the 21st century we are following these traditions?

Answer: I believe that our century is the most primitive of all previous centuries. The more we develop, the more our egoism grows. Therefore, we suddenly begin to feel like some kind of greatness and criticize previous centuries, scientists, and everyone else. But they understood much better than we did about the structure of the worlds, the forces of creation.

They knew these roots, saw them, guessed them, and understood what they were dealing with, not in order to make some kind of historical story out of this, but to include in the system of correction so that each generation makes its own correction and gradually we would come to complete correction, which is called “Purim.”

Question: Is that why they introduced the tradition of eating sweets shaped like Haman’s pockets to the people?

Answer: Of course. All this was done by the great Kabbalists. There are innumerable allusions to spiritual properties and actions that we must perform.

Question: It is customary to give gifts on Purim. In honor of what? In honor of joy?

Answer: Yes, because when we connect with each other, we fulfill each other: I am you, you are me. And each individual cannot fulfill himself.

Purim is the final correction. The Creator created egoism, an evil inclination that is completely corrected.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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