Do Not Impose Оld World Values

632.3Question: Usually, parents try to impose their values on their children, and children absolutely do not accept this. Today, for example, they do not accept an excessive desire for knowledge or for work. Is this fundamentally wrong?

Answer: Each generation has its own aspirations. The old generation in no way can impose their understanding of nature on the younger generation. It has outlived themselves and should give them only nourishment.

And the new generation must develop in its desires and aspirations. It is only desirable that they be correct and not as tangled and broken as they are today.

You should never impose the thoughts and values of the old generation on the new one. Educate by example only. With this example, I show that I solve all questions, needs, tasks in this way: respecting, calculating, being in balance with the environment, with myself, with my family, etc. Therefore, according to my example, they will also solve their problems at their own level, with the same attitude toward them.

We only need an example, no words. Children understand everything like monkeys. They understand us better than we think.

The main thing for us is to correct ourselves, and then we will be able to influence them in this way. In addition, our inner desires and inner corrections are associated with their souls because they come from us.

If for their sake we want to create a correct, harmonious, kind society, which takes into account each other and wants to achieve mutual public consent, then they will feel it. In them, it will begin to act in spite of and without any prodding from our side.

I really hope that this will be the catalyst, the button, that will push us and force us to start correcting ourselves.

Comment: But you say that our generation is a generation of spoiled, lost people.

My Response: Moreover, it is the spoiled people who can begin to change for the sake of their children, so that at least in them they can see a certain direction for the better.

Otherwise, can you imagine how unhappy they will be compared to us! We will see a completely disfigured, twisted, incomprehensible society, which stagnates in convulsions and does not know how to escape from suffering. We will see this in our children and grandchildren.

Question: And what to do?

Answer: Just turn to yourself. We cannot fix them. Turn to yourself, without looking at them. And suddenly we will see how they begin to take an example from us, begin to draw closer to us and participate with us in new relations to each other, in the construction of a new society.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Marriage Contract” 8/19/09

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