Kabbalistic Terms: “Atzmuto”

Laitman_177.13Atzmuto is the highest root, which is not directly related to us, i.e., it is the Creator Himself existing independently from the creation. In this form, we cannot feel Him.

In other words, Atzmuto is a program that does not relate to creation. We simply indicate that such a state exists, but it is out of reach for us. We cannot feel Him.

The program that relates to us is called the Creator or HaVaYaH.

Question: Might it be that the Creator has some other plans for some other creations, but we do not know?

Answer: This does not apply to us.

Question: Can this be compared with the fact that in our world, a child understands a certain kind of father’s attitude toward him, but he does not know what his father is doing, what his plans are, etc.?

Answer: Yes, you could say that. But we do not engage in such thoughts and speculations because they still have no basis. We have no real desire for this nor any opportunities to explore this.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/17/19

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