Coronavirus Сomes From The Future

laitman_961.2Coronavirus will help oblige us to connect more with each other. This seems paradoxical because we now see that the communities where there were closer connections between people were hit hardest by the virus. How does a virus help us connect if it divides us?

This happened because we were united on the basis of egoistic desires. But if we connect only in order to help each other, to acquire a common mind and feeling, a common understanding and attainment, then we will rise above the virus.

Nature did not give the virus the task to divide us. The virus separates us only because we are egoists and want to harm each other. But if we want to connect, then the virus will not act against us. It does not work that way. The virus proceeds from the general law of the universe, where all the opposing forces of nature are connected together into one whole, including people connected as one person.

The coronavirus comes as if from the future, from our more advanced state. It turns out that it is moving us forward to tomorrow, into a state of unity and understanding that we belong to one nature and are obligated to become one person with one heart. And the virus will certainly do its job.
From KabTV’s “Global Perspectives,” 4/10/20

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