A Кabbalist’s Protection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can you protect yourself from destructive thoughts of others? Does reading The Book of Zohar or other Kabbalistic books help?

Answer: It will help only if you connect to the Creator. There is no other method.

For example, there are thousands of people in the world that hate me. These are all those people who do not understand Kabbalah. Naturally, if I did not advertise Kabbalah, they would not exist, and maybe they would treat me positively.

I remember that before we began to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah, everybody loved and respected us. Once they realized what we are doing in the world, then everything started.

After all, we are working against the universal egoism, and people that hear us cannot agree and don’t want to be in this! It is as though we created this world for them, and now we are setting these tasks.

Question: How can this be explained? After all, the Creator is behind all of this. Why does the Creator need this?

Answer: They cannot have a problem with the Creator, they can have a problem with me. In general, I have a special honor as a small Kabbalist, after many great Kabbalists who, during the Middle Ages, the Inquisition, and the Persecution, received their portion from the same haters, but even worse.

Ramhal was on a run all over Europe from such hatred, he didn’t know where to hide. And in Russia, they reported the Kabbalists to the Tsarist government, and they were thrown into dungeons.

Question: But why does the Creator do this?

Answer: A Kabbalist needs haters. They help him by isolating him from the whole world, thereby allowing him to engage in his inner work. They turn the whole world against him. Thus, on one hand, to reach the world and tell them about Kabbalah, the Kabbalist has to try to make special efforts. On the other hand, he cannot get close to the world and make it more friendly and intimate for himself.

Question: Was there ever an evil eye cast upon you? Did you feel that someone is acting specifically against you?

Answer: The haters cannot do anything to me. There were numerous incidents. Just as hackers try to break into a computer system with a virus, it is the same with them. But this won’t work. First of all, they cause harm to themselves, which is not something I wish upon them. I don’t hold any grudges against them because this is the natural reaction of egoism.

Question: What is the method of protection?

Answer: The Creator. Who else do you need? He sends this, and He will protect!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/15/17

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