In The Wake Of The Tragedy In Paris, Part 2 ‑ What Are The Terrorists Preparing For The World?

Laitman_408Question: The Internet exhibited a chilling video about how the members of ISIS killed hundreds of children all at one time. It resembles a picture of Hitler’s genocide.

Is it not time for Israel to intervene in what is happening in Syria to try to stop the terrorism? We blame the world for being silent and not protecting the Jews during the Holocaust: Why are we ourselves now silent?

Answer: Israel is not able to be involved in what is happening in Syria because this conflict is an internal Arab matter. This endless war has continued for their entire history, but it will seem like an innocent prank in comparison to those actions that they are preparing for the world.

The scheme of the Islamic extremists is very simple: either all the infidels will disappear from the face of the Earth as if they never existed or they will agree to become Muslims. On the way to attaining this goal there could be different accounts.

They could wait as long as there is a chance that you will agree: they could pressure you and encourage you. It could be that in the meantime it will be possible for you not to become a Muslim on condition that you will regularly pay them a large ransom.

Question: Do you think that they are preparing terrorist activities that will be crueler than what we have seen in Paris?

Answer: If terrorist activities sometimes happen in the streets of Israel, it is clear to everyone that many more actions had been planned but were thwarted and uprooted by the security forces. Otherwise even more terrible events than what happened in Paris would have occurred in Israel. But they don’t tell us about it so that the people will not become frightened.

Question: They say that the Israeli army warned about the terrorist action that was about to happen in Paris.

Answer: Israel even warned in advance about the planned bombing of the Russian airplane.

Comment: Judging by what is happening, the terrorists are inhuman, heartless. Such terrible pictures that they have actually created in life could not have been made in the most morbid imagination.

Answer: The terrorists come out from another part of nature and want to frighten everyone. They aim to demonstrate how decisive they are and that they will not stop at anything. They are not concerned about anything: to live or die, the most important thing is that there is a purpose and it must be carried out. This purpose must be achieved here and now, at any price.

And so we see that more and more people join them every day. This is because people love power, a clear goal, an aim that is worth living for. When a person becomes fanatic, his life becomes very simple. This is because otherwise a modern person doesn’t feel any fulfillment in life, no purpose. Culture, education, and science don’t interest him, everything is in crisis, at an impasse. It is not clear what one should live for. And suddenly something in life begins to shine for them. As a result, many young people from the West come to join ISIS.

It is important for the terrorists to show themselves as strong and violent so no choice remains for a person but to join them. And the more brutally and decisively they act, despising all, the more attractive they become in the eyes of the young.

A recent example was reported in the news that a Russian girl from a good family, a student at a university, was stopped at the Turkish border on her way to Syria, where she wanted to be recruited by ISIS. Not even the attitude that some Muslims have towards women intimidated her.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 11/15/15

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