The Method Of Good Connection

laitman_214You and I are living in a special time when the world is beginning to feel more and more united. The only problem is that these connections are negative rather than positive. Meanwhile, we feel our complete dependence on each other, which is beginning to worry and irritate everyone.

If the dependence is not a kind one, then such connection brings only problems, as it is written, “the unity of criminals is to their own and the whole world’s detriment.” If people do not correct themselves and their relationships, it is better for them to separate and keep their distance from each other.

All of this started in ancient Babylon where egoism developed to such an extent that people began to hate one another. Consequently, many languages arose. Egoism erupted for the first time and separated people. Before then, they all lived as one nation where everything was shared.

However, suddenly they felt disconnected and a belonging to different communities, families, and nationalities, and therefore they could not continue to live together. From then on. the science of Kabbalah appeared.

One sage named Abraham, who lived in Babylon, revealed that we cannot resist our connection. People definitely will be connected, and we will not succeed in distancing ourselves from each other. However, we should know how to unite correctly, regardless of the egoism that grows with every passing day. Thus, the science of Kabbalah appeared, and it is the method of good connection between people.

Kabbalah states that first we need to correct ourselves and our relationships with each other. Then, everything we do will be to our benefit.
From the Convention In Guadalajara “One Heart For All,” “Day One” 7/17/15, “Preparatory Lesson”

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