An Opеning In The Wall

Dr. Michael LaitmanTo enter the spiritual world, a person needs to be equipped with desire, and spiritual desire is desire for oneness. Our unity is that very place where the spiritual world is located.

There is you and me. If a person feels only himself, he experiences the corporeal world and lives in its environment. But we want to cover the gap and begin establishing connection between us. I strive for your desires (1) to receive them (2) and feel them as my own. For this reason, I turn to the Light as to something external although it, too, resides between us. The Light gives me strength to unite with you, and in this unification, I suddenly discover something new.

When we become close and work together in Arvut (mutual responsibility, mutual guarantee), a deeper dimension becomes revealed to me as if in our oneness an aperture into the upper world opens .


Baal HaSulam desribes this as follows: if we feel that between us there is a wall that doesn’t’ allow us to plug into each other, if we wish to break through this wall and are asking for it, then the Light descends and makes an opening in it. Unlike a door, it opens suddenly and only then you see that it had been initially “intended” there.

As a result, you enter another’s desire and it becomes as your own. This entrance is the very exit to the higher rung: the Kli that you have attached to yourself turns out to be your newly gained world. In this way, you attach more and more new Kelim, or the souls, and by doing so, you expand your world. You keep ascending on the 125 rungs of the spiritual ladder, which means you unite with all the desires despite your egoism and hatred.

Therefore, it turns out that you acquire the Light in the desire of another when you wish to perform bestowal to him. You fulfill another’s desire, and for you, it turns out to be the Upper Light.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/22/10

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