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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have been studying for over five years and I feel like my entire life is in the group. In the past five months, however, it has been progressively harder for me to unite with the friends. Even in my corporeal life I have lost all desire for anything; there is nothing that I can do. If I am not physically with the friends, I cannot move even for my own sake in my everyday life.

Answer: This is because you do not feel that your entire daily life outside the group also belongs to your spiritual path.

Suppose you work in some factory or corporation. You need to understand that working in this business is your spiritual work. If you keep the necessity of spiritual advancement in mind while working at this office or factory, then through any of your movements and actions, you pass along your personal spiritual energy. This is how you should act in this world in order for it to become corrected.

Our entire work in this world is intended so that we would influence each other with our spiritual forces. Thus, if, while working in the office or alongside one hundred complete strangers who are far from spirituality, but you come there with spiritual filling, then you, through your work, like an undercover agent, channel spiritual content that they feel this, and through them, the entire world.

This is our work at the level of the spiritual still. In such manner we are connected to each other and we imbue the entire world with spirituality. This is necessary for us! Therefore, our world is created so  that we have to work in it, and this is why Kabbalists obligate every one of us to work at an external job.

Try to work with this intention. You will see how much you will succeed at work, how your coworkers will start relating to you differently, and what advancements you will reach spiritually.

You must combine your spiritual actions and your job correctly. It is not easy, but at the same time, this is actually your correction. This is the most important thing an individual can do in our world rather than having your head in the clouds when listening to The Book of Zohar. That is not a correction.

We are intentionally created in such a way that we spend 10-12 hours a day being occupied with our home and work. Today, many people think like this: ”Marriage, kids – who needs that? I will keep living with my mom, she will feed me and clothe me, while I contemplate philosophical matters.” This is what modern men want.

You must get married, have children, work, study, and see in all of that the realization of your spiritual potential, so that one activity would not be different from the other, so that in the group, at work, at the lesson, at a workshop, with your spouse and children, in all of those things, you will be internally connected to the Upper energy through the group and pass it through yourself downward to everyone else: your family, workplace, and to the entire world, wherever you may be.
From a lesson in Russian, 2/07/14

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