King Аhasuerus’s Wives

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does “the first wife of King Аhasuerus imply?

Answer: His first wife Vashti symbolizes an egoistic desire that we have to get rid of.

Egoistic desires that we are unable to transform into the property of bestowal are called “unfaithful wives.” “Faithful wives” signify desires that are used to seek the Creator.

What happens to the king’s wives who are unfaithful to him? They are executed, murdered, beheaded, since they tend to receive for their own sake.

That’s why all “unfaithful” desires must be killed; only the desires that “transmit” the Light of Hochma for the sake of fulfilling others should remain alive.

The King’s faithful wife personifies a huge desire through which she nourishes the entire nation, meaning. all human properties.

Question: Who are the eunuchs in the King’s palace?

Answer: “Eunuchs” stand for desires that support the properties of bestowal and receiving. These desires do not directly participate in the processes of giving and receiving; all they do is assist them. These desires are called “eunuchs.”
From the Virtual Lesson, 2/24/13

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