This Is A Crisis Of Values​​, Not Finance!

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Andres Arrak, professor, liberal economist, Estonia): “It is impossible to restrain the economic crisis. ‘The long economic crisis is happening now. Such crises emerge as a consequence of bad decisions. The 2012 will be a decisive year. This is a crisis of values, rather than finance or real estate.’

“The ideology of ‘more is better’ that represents a triumph of consumerism has exhausted itself.

‘The problem is that the club of the ‘rich and famous’ has no honest way out….’”

My Comment: There is an honest way out: The rich should continue to manage; they can do that, that is why they are rich. But they should channel all their energy for the benefit of society and be rewarded with gratitude, respect, and love instead of hatred, envy, and humiliation!

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  1. We need true leaders, not true fools

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