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Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Mikhail P. Barbolin, PhD, Institute of Adult Education of the Russian Academy of Education): “Ethics and the meaning of life became the most discussed topics today. However as a rule, they are not viewed connected to each other.

“With regard to contemporary social life, the development of human morality plays a significant role. This applies to a moral life, but says nothing about the moral qualities of a person and his inner morality. But it is clear that it is subject to certain rules of life, the violation of which is undesirable because it may cause harm to the other.

“But as we know, the concepts of good and evil are relative. Where is the boundary which should be followed in order to ‘do no harm’ to ourselves or others, and not only people but also nature? Where is the mechanism that would regulate and direct a person’s behavior? What can we do to bring benefit?”

My Comment: Teachers are probably the most conservative people in the world, something between an officer, doctor, guard, and… mother. For a long time, we have been unhappy with the results of our schools; after all, if there is a need for adult education, it means they were not taught “how to learn” during their life.

But this is natural because we all have fallen into the general crisis in all our plans and actions. This is as a consequence of the end of the development of the egoistic desire, when we discover our inability to live in it and build our life.

So, when choosing a new attitude to life based on bestowal, we will need to restructure the whole education system. And since it has already been destroyed, we need only to clear the place of habitual but harmful attitudes, and with a clear mindset, create a new education system that will be based on the similarity with nature and therefore, will be true and eternal.

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