In The Desert There Is No One To Cry Out To – Only Heaven

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When is our state called self-sacrifice?

Answer: At the moment, we should simply try to do whatever is in our power according to our understanding of what self-sacrifice means. Try to find your point of the shattering, which is the opposite from the point that was created during the shattering from top down, and correct the place of the shattering in the ascent from the bottom up. This is what we call to clarify what you can give up, in order to hold on to bestowal.

Suppose I am ready to give to someone, to help him, to think about him under certain conditions, but beyond that—no. Can I do anything else above that “no?” A single step or half a step? What will I feel then?

These are very high concepts, which cannot be conveyed in words. People think that it is simple: We often say that a person sacrifices himself for his work, for his family, etc., but true self-sacrifice is not in the hands of the created being at all. We can’t do it as long as we operate within our egoistic nature. There must be the influence of the Light, which raises me above my egoistic desire, and then I can work in self-sacrifice.

To sacrifice my soul means to give myself to a higher level. But if I am within my egoism now, how can I reach the level of bestowal? And if I am on a certain level of bestowal, how do I rise to a higher level? I have to give my soul to the higher level, to enter the upper, like a fetus.

In order to become a fetus in the upper, I have to annul my feelings, my mind, my clarifications, and all my healthy logic and common sense. But I feel that I am a grown up, that I am clever, and not some insane fool. So how can I give myself to the upper?

And what does it mean to give myself: simply not to do anything and to wait until He does something with me? No, it won’t work this way. To give myself the upper means to do whatever I feel as His desire by myself, above my reason. If you can’t do that, you cry out!

In the article: “The Matter of the Association of the Quality of Mercy with Judgment,” it says that it is in the darkest state that a person tries to reach self-sacrifice. It is in the darkness that a person is given this opportunity.

It is very hard to do this alone. If a person makes great efforts, for a long time by oneself and sees that it leads nowhere, he can reach the conclusion that he needs the group’s support. I won’t be able to do it alone, and neither will all the others if they operate alone. So let’s help one another, as it says: “they shall help one another” and then we will have a reason to go out to the desert!

A desert is a place where we despair of our own powers and cry out. Therefore, we need to prepare the vessels for this.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/26/12, Shamati #219

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