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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe spiritual Partzuf consists of a head (Rosh) and a body (Guf). The Guf puts into practice the “Rosh’s” decisions. The part that tends towards obtaining similarity with the upper force demonstrates its intention, power, need, and implements its own decisions is called the “head.”

Initially the Creator made only one desire, the desire to receive. It had neither a head nor a body. Under the influence of the Light, the desire reconstructed itself; it transitioned through the four stages and got to a point where it began to understand that it needed to become similar with the upper force and acquire the property of bestowal. The system that emerges and builds in it as a result of this decision is called “head” (Rosh).

These processes took place within one desire; it’s considered to be the head only under the condition that its parts are connected at the level of thought, intention, and with the recognition of the importance of such a connection. The same desires that are activated by such an intention are called the body. There is a part of the body that is able to execute the head’s decisions; it’s the internal part, Toch. Also, there is a part that is not capable of doing so, the Sof.

Division into head and body (Rosh and Guf) takes place within the same desire. In our physical body, it’s manifested by the fact that the head is located above the body. This position reflects a spiritual process: First, the head makes a decision, and then it starts to be implemented through the body.

Everything happens within one desire, but connections between desires that are of a more sophisticated nature (like thoughts, intentions, and clarifications) are referred to as the head. Substantial thickness (which is called Aviut) is added to the network that we call the head, to all those liaisons and wires that are responsible for calculations and clarifications; and altogether the whole thing is called a body.

Previously, the desire used to be only a body. However, right after the first restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph) it decided that it wanted to re-build itself anew; for that, it needed a head. The body restricted itself because it couldn’t agree to sense itself as opposite to the Creator; at this time, it chose to get a new head.

Thoughts, aspirations, intentions, and plans that lead desire towards the Light are called the head. At this point, it starts receiving the power of the Light for the sake of bestowal and thus becomes similar to the Light.

If we look at the spiritual ladder, we’ll see only heads. Bodies are inside. We see only Partzufim’s heads, one underneath the other. Bodies are necessary only to implement decisions that are made by the head and to also give birth to another head!
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/16/12, “Study of the Ten Sefirot

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  1. Dear Rav, as I understand, I must forget the body and let the head climb the ladder?

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