Hasn’t Begun To Enjoy, But Has Begun To Live

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I, as an individual organ of the general soul, feel the harm that I am causing the whole body by my corruption? How can I feel the sufferings of the general soul?

Answer: You will feel it according to how much you feel the sorrow of the general soul. You should feel the harm; try to be incorporated in society and to connect to it. Then you will feel what it suffers from, its illness, and you will attribute all this harm to yourself.

The feeling of cooperation is all the result of the connection: both the collective joy and the collective sorrow, the commitment towards society and the freedom from it. It all depends on a person, and on how much he exerts himself in order to attain his state and his feeling.

It is said that one should feel sorry for the sorrow of the Shechina. We see how humanity suffers. Can we help it?

Kabbalists say that the Creator wants to be revealed within the created beings, that is, He too seems to be suffering because others suffer. His suffering is completely unlike ours.

Imagine a family that has a mentally retarded child. How much does the child suffer? Sometimes he doesn’t even feel that he is sick and that he is different in anyway from the other children. We too, are living a peaceful life at the moment, not worrying about anything. We think that everything is fine, and we are surprised when we are told about a crisis and different problems.

People protest: “What is all the noise about and what are these claims that people are suffering? No one suffers; everything is fine. Don’t disturb us and let us enjoy life!” But this kind of life is like the life of a retarded child who isn’t aware of his condition. He plays with something and is happy. To others his condition is physically apparent, but the child is happy, he doesn’t suffer. Those who are near them suffer.

This is because they know his condition, how ill the child is, and how much he is lacking in life. Everyone who sees him suffers. This is the “sorrow of the Shechina,” which sees us like that retarded child.

But if he begins to improve, to get better, to understand and to feel more, then as he adds knowledge, he adds pain. He begins to feel problems and pressures; he sees that not everyone wants to be friends with him. First he felt the whole world as good and he was all right, he lived as if in a dream.

Now, the more he wakes up, the more strongly he feels the different states and his dependence on others. Only now does he understand where he really is. It turns out that this whole world is full of worries and problems and that you have to get along with people and to be careful of different dangers.

But the parents are happy! Why are they happy? After all, the child isn’t happier. True, he isn’t happy yet, but he has begun to live!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/22/12, Shamati #1

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