Noah’s Ark For The Salvation Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur next goal is the convention in the U.S. We need to put all our efforts into organizing it on a high level to really be able to rise to the next degree, enter a new state, where we will begin to feel the movement of the Light of Nefesh inside the point of unity. It is the smallest spiritual Light, but one that allows us to feel an independent movement.

This will appear due to our hard work over the course of the five months leading to the U.S. convention, despite the growing egoism and all the obstacles and problems sent by the Creator from Above. He does it specifically so that we would hold onto this point like a drowning man holds on to a buoy.

When I perform these actions, I have to think that I do them for the sake of saving my friends, not for my own sake. I have to be constantly concerned about making sure that they do not drown. This is why I must hold on to this point. And they must think about saving others, and then every one of us will enter the power of mutual guarantee. We will fear nothing, and we will be saved.

This force of mutual guarantee is called Noah’s Ark. It will help us rise above the entire drowning world. Then, we will try to save this world: We will give it a place inside our ark, inside our point, which will extend and expand. In it, we will discover that we already exist on a spiritual degree.

This is our objective before the next convention. We must exist in the future, not in the past, and constantly expand the point of unity by our care for everyone.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 12/11/2011

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