A Thorny Path Toward The Creator’s Castle

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must create an environment that would enable us to go from receiving for our sake to receiving for the sake of the Creator, from loving ourselves to loving Him. What does “Him” mean? Who is He? What does He give me? I do not know anyone or anything.

The Creator is concealed, and he is concealed on purpose. We are not able to establish a connection with Him as we do not yet have a screen.

Since I am still an egoist, a thief, a liar, and so on, I cannot be allowed in proper society. I am forbidden to enter a castle with a lot of riches and delicacies because I immediately would begin to consume everything there for my own sake and hide things in my pockets.

I will never become similar to the Creator this way. This is why I am not allowed near Him. We are now in darkness with a lack of understanding and are unable to perceive the upper world and the Creator. However, this fact only benefits us and contributes to our development.

When will we begin to reveal this state where we can enter the Creator’s palace that is flooded with light? When will we be able to do and fulfill ourselves with anything that we want there?

When we really are able to control ourselves and behave properly in this high society, everything that is there will be revealed to us for our benefit. Then, we can rise and become like the corrected souls that are there, to become like the Creator Himself.

How is this realized? In our world, we are given an opportunity to be in touch with other people and to try to create certain conditions between us. I am able to form a small community together with them called a “group” where all of us exist in mutual bestowal and connection.

We do not owe anything to any of us. We only need our connection to reveal the world of bestowal and love, the higher dimension called the Creator, God, which is just love and bestowal.

If we really want this, then, together with our close friends whose purpose in life is the same as ours, we can reveal the states of the upper world and practice on each other. If we reach this state where we are able to unite, to annul our own interests and direct ourselves toward bestowal to others, if we begin to act this way, then we will gradually begin to climb the mountain where the Creator is.

Rising toward this, we overcome great obstacles. As in Baal HaSulam’s example, there are guards along the way to the castle who brutishly push us away, and, the higher we rise, the more brutish the guards become.

In other words, they evoke very rough relationships between us, such as envy, jealousy, hatred, and rage. This makes it harder and harder for us to connect in a group for the sake of the higher goal, for the sake of the attainment of love, reciprocity, mutual help, and mutual guarantee. I begin to feel that I do not wish to make contact with them in any way. I am ready to neglect everyone.

Many have already fallen off this mountain and rolled down to its foot where all of mankind is. Still, we continue to climb with the remaining friends. How many of us will make it? That is unknown. How many will fall? This is also unknown. Everything depends only on our mutual help and nothing else!
From the Fundamentals of Kabbalah 11/6/11

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