Will We Follow In Dinosaurs’ Footsteps?

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: …the whole difficulty lies in changing our nature from a desire to receive for ourselves, to a desire to bestow upon others, since those two things deny one another. At first glance, the plan seems imaginary….

We aren’t really aware of this difficulty yet. Ask people on the street and they will tell you, “What’s so difficult about it? We know how to help others.” Some admit that egoism is inherent to human nature in some sense, but no more than that. None of us yet feel the need, the necessity to go from reception to bestowal.

However, eventually the crisis will show us that we simply have to do this since otherwise we won’t survive. We will even lose what we now have and will finish ourselves off. Out of having no other choice, we are nevertheless starting to analyze the situation: Do we or don’t we have a chance to unite into a common system as Nature demands of us? Maybe we are incapable of meeting this condition and are doomed to die?

After all, this is a possibility. Once upon a time the dinosaurs were unable to adapt to the new conditions, and now we too have found ourselves in a similar situation. Right before our very eyes many species of plants and animals are disappearing. So maybe the human species is also destined to disappear? Reasoning objectively, we inhabit a small planet at the outskirts of the galaxy and possibly, by nature’s plan we have to make way for another species with greater potential and importance that will suit the large-scale picture better.

Thus, we are beginning to figure out the situation: Our nature is egoistic, while nature is setting a condition of mutual bestowal for us and requiring us to unite into one single whole. This demand of the common system will be expressed more and more clearly. Jammed between the desired and the reality, we are experience great pressure upon us.

That’s when the science of Kabbalah comes to our rescue, as if coming down on us “from above.” If we did not have this method enabling us to evoke the force of correction and ascend to a new level, then we really would die out like the dinosaurs because we would not have the slightest idea of what is happening and what nature’s program really is like.

Its condition does not seem realistic at first. We cannot unite. Then what should we do? The only course of action left is to wage wars and conflicts. When man has no choice, he is capable of anything. His only wish is to put an end to the doubts. We cannot tolerate uncertainty. It’s better to start a war or even die. Then we are at least moving somewhere, and that’s the most important thing. Since we made this decision, then it doesn’t even matter whether we will survive or not—the process has begun. This is much easier than wandering aimlessly in a fog. Uncertainty tears us apart and we cannot bear that.

That is why in our time the science of Kabbalah is being revealed to the world. It is being revealed “artificially,” from above, through a lineage of Kabbalists, by means of a certain parallel program. On the path of the natural development, we would not have been able to discover it and carry out the correction. After all, in the current situation, the transition from reception to bestowal really does appear unrealistic.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/11, “Peace in the World”

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