The Spiritual World Isn’t Mysticism

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problem is that we are unable to work on our connection and realize its importance more and more in any and all circumstances and situations, each and every day. The only reason for this is that people imagine the spiritual world as something far removed from the reality in which they currently exist. They think that the spiritual world exists in a different place or a different universe.

They don’t realize that they can reveal the spiritual world right here in addition to this world. It’s pleasant to think that we enter the spiritual world after death. Even when people learn through the wisdom of Kabbalah that they will see the spiritual world in this life, they still imagine revealing a world beyond, removed from everything we have here.

However, this is incorrect! What we reveal is a network of connecting forces between people and the Creator Who fills this world, this reality. We reveal a new operating and driving force in the universe that was previously concealed. In addition to our egoistic desire in which we perceive “this world”; we reveal the desire to bestow and within it; we reveal a new phenomenon called the “upper” or the “future” world, meaning the world that comes to us.

If a person, with all of his strength, tries to approximate the form of the upper world, the Creator, as an integral connecting network that is being revealed between all of the forms he currently perceives in his world, it helps him avoid creating an “idol” and to remain realistic as opposed to getting lost in mysticism.

The upper world is a network of bestowal that is revealed between all the part of this reality as well as the additional reality that is revealed to us as a network of forces. The only thing that exists are forces since everything is nothing but the force of desire, intention, and thought. When a person sees reality this way, he begins to realize that all the means for attaining this new reality are right in his hands.

After all, it’s attained with the help of people who are the carriers of the force of bestowal. These are his friends who want to obtain bestowal and an altruistic intention. Now, along with his friends, a person can begin to build and to reveal this system of bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/16/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. one question for Rav Laitman

    He said on several occasions that he still talks to his Rav every day even though the guy isn’t here anymore:

    if there is no other dimension who is he talking to??

    and if there is no other dimension why call it an upper world? Its WITHIN US

    and, last but not least if those who pass over are just coming back again, HOW can they remember the GAINS they made in bestowal?

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